Put three cans tomatoes (quart capacity) in stewpan and bring to the boiling point. Turn into a puree strainer and force through most of the pulp. Add one and one-half teaspoons onion juice, one and one-half tablespoons salt, one-half cup Sherry wine and a few grains cayenne. Soak two packages granulated gelatine in one cup cold water and add to mixture when cool. Clear, using the white and shell of three eggs; then strain through four thicknesses of cheese-cloth, placed over a fine strainer, and add one-third cup Sherry wine. Cut cold boiled corned tongue in one-inch strips; there should be one and one-third cups. Peel sixteen small tomatoes, by rubbing over the entire surface with the dull edge of a knife, until skins may be easily taken off. Finely chop the breast meat of a raw chicken and force through a meat chopper; there should be three-fourths cup. Pound in a mortar and add gradually whites two eggs and one-half pint heavy cream. Season highly with salt and cayenne and a slight grating of nutmeg; then force through a fine strainer. Shape mixture with a pastry bag and tube on buttered paper, making quenelles. Invert paper into a kettle of boiling salted water (when forms will slip off at once) and cook five minutes. Remove with skimmer and drain on cheese-cloth. Turn an elliptical mound two inches high of cold cooked hominy on a serving dish and spread sides with parsley butter.

Macedoine in Aspic.

Macedoine in Aspic.-Page 239.

Fill an elliptical-shaped border mould with tongue, tomatoes, chicken quenelles and aspic. Fill a charlotte russe mould that will just fit into border mould after same fashion. Fill a muffin tin in same fashion. When thoroughly chilled, turn contents of border mould on hominy, fill space with thick shaped slice of bread, put contents of charlotte russe mould on top and surround with contents of muffin tin. Garnish with spray of holly and serve with Mayonnaise a la Connelly (see p. 214).

If insides of moulds are rubbed very sparingly with olive oil, there will be no trouble in removing the contents.