Part I

2 cups scalded milk 3/4 cup sugar Yolks 5 eggs.

1/8 teaspoon salt 2 cups thin cream 2 tablespoons brandy.

1 tablespoon vanilla.

Make a custard of first four ingredients; strain, cool, add cream and freeze to a mush. Add brandy and vanilla and finish the freezing.

Part II

1/2 tablespoon granulated gelatine 2 tablespoons cold water cup scalded cream 1/3 cup powdered sugar 2 cups thin cream.

1 teaspoon vanilla.

A few grains salt.

10 brandied marrons.

cup Sultana raisins.

5 macaroons.

1 tablespoons brandy.

Soak gelatine in cold water, dissolve in scalded cream and add powdered sugar. Set in pan of ice water and stir until mixture begins to thicken; then add the whip from cream, vanilla, salt, marrons, broken in pieces, Sultana raisins and macaroons (broken in pieces), soaked in brandy one hour.

Line a mould with Part I and fill with Part II. Cover, pack in rock salt and finely crushed ice, using equal parts, and let stand two and one-half hours.