Part I

1 quart box strawberries.

2 cups sugar.

1/2 cup water Whites 3 eggs.

1 pint heavy cream.

Wash, pick over, hull and mash berries. Sprinkle with one-half the sugar, cover and let stand several hours; then force through a fine strainer. Put remaining sugar in saucepan, add water, bring to boiling point and let boil until mixture will spin a thread when dropped from tip of spoon. Pour syrup gradually, while beating constantly, on whites of eggs, beaten until stiff. Cool and fold in cream, beaten until stiff. Freeze strawberry juice to a mush, add cream mixture and continue the freezing.

Part II

1 pint heavy cream 1/2 cup powdered sugar.

cup Jordan almonds cup brittle.

Few grains salt.

Beat cream until stiff and add sugar, almonds (blanched, roasted in a slow oven and chopped), brittle (broken in small pieces) and salt. Turn into a border or ring mould, cover with buttered paper, adjust cover, pack in salt and ice, using two parts finely crushed ice to one part rock salt, and let stand three hours.

Remove Part II from mould to chilled serving dish, pile Part I in centre and garnish with one or two crystallized pink California roses. Such roses may be bought of large city, fancy grocers or confectioners.

For brittle put one cup sugar in small omelet pan, place on range and stir constantly, until reduced to a syrup. Pour into a hot dripping pan, allowing syrup to barely cover bottom of pan. Cool, remove from pan, and break into small pieces, using the fingers.