White Wine Sauce

cup sugar tablespoon cornstarch Grated rind lemon Juice lemon.

Yolks 2 eggs 1 cup white wine Few grains salt Whites 2 eggs.

Mix sugar and cornstarch and add lemon rind and juice, yolks of eggs, slightly beaten, wine and salt. Place saucepan containing mixture on range and stir constantly until the boiling point is reached. Remove from range and add whites of eggs, beaten until stiff.

Brandy Mousselaine Sauce

Yolks 4 eggs.

1 cup powdered sugar.

2 tablespoons brandy.

1 cup heavy cream 1 teaspoon vanilla Few grains salt.

Beat yolks of eggs until light and add gradually, while stirring constantly, sugar and brandy. Cook over range five minutes, stirring constantly. Set pan containing mixture in larger pan of ice water and beat until cold; then add cream, beaten until stiff, vanilla and salt.

Snow Eggs

White 1 egg.

1 tablespoon powdered sugar.

1/8 teaspoon cornstarch Egg yolk.

Beat egg white until stiff and add gradually, while beating constantly, powdered sugar and cornstarch. Butter a tablespoon, cover bowl of spoon with mixture, make a depression in the centre and fill cavity with mixture, to which has been added enough yolk of egg (beaten until thick and lemon-colored) to give color. Cover with white mixture, having the spoon well rounded. Repeat until the mixture is used. Cook in a blazer containing boiling water, placed, over hot water pan also containing boiling water, and cook six minutes, turning once during the cooking. Cover bottom of dish with strawberry preserve, arrange eggs on preserve and pour around Orange Sauce (see p. 258).

Snow EGGS.

Snow Eggs. - Page 246.

Apple Canapes, Cream Sabayon Sauce

Cut bread in one-third-inch slices, shape with a round cutter and saute in butter until delicately browned. Pare and cut apples in halves; then remove cores, thus making cavities. Saute apples in butter, cavity side down, in a covered pan. When apples are half done, turn, fill cavities with sugar and continue the cooking until apples are soft. Place on prepared bread and serve with Cream Sabayon Sauce I (see p. 263).

Apricot Sandwiches, Roxbury Sauce

1 egg.

Yolks 2 eggs teaspoon salt.

2 tablespoons sugar.

cup milk.

Slices of stale bread.

Cut stale bread (preferably baker's) in one-fourth-inch slices. Remove crusts and cut slices in halves crosswise. Beat egg and egg yolks slightly, add salt, sugar and milk and strain into a shallow dish. Soak bread in mixture until soft, then saute in butter. Spread one-half the pieces with apricot marmalade, cover with remaining pieces and serve with Roxbury Sauce (see p. 259).

Dresden Sandwiches, Sherry Sauce

3 eggs.

teaspoon salt.

2 tablespoons sugar.

1 cup milk 6 slices stale bread, 1/3 inch thick.

Jam or marmalade.

Beat eggs slightly, add salt, sugar and milk, and when well blended, strain into a shallow dish. Remove crusts from bread and cut slices in halves, crosswise. Soak bread in custard mixture until soft. Cook in a buttered, hot frying pan. Brown on one side, turn and brown other side. Spread half the pieces with any jam or marmalade that may be at hand and cover with the remaining pieces. Serve hot with Sherry Sauce (see p. 260).