Spruce Beer

Checkerberry leaves (a large handful). Black cherry-tree bark (very little). Winter-green (a little).

Sassafras root. Horse-radish (very little). Dandelion root (very little). Spruce, three or four twigs (leaves and all).

Put all in a kettle and cover with water. Let it steep three or four hours, but not boil. Then let it cool. Strain and add 1 cupful molasses.

1/2 cupful potato yeast.

2 quarts cold water.

Put it in a jug. Cover the jug (uncorked) with a netting, and leave it to ferment (about one and a half days). When ready, cork it tight.

The second time you make it, use no yeast; but pour the new beer on the dregs of the old.

Cream Beer

2 1/2 ounces tartaric acid.

1 ounce cream of tartar.

2 quarts water.

2 pounds white sugar.

2 eggs, whites, well beaten with

2 tablespoonfuls flour.

Put all together. Scald. When cool, add a little of any kind of flavoring. Bottle, and keep in a cool place.

To use it, put two tablespoonfuls of syrup to a glassful of cold water; add half a teaspoonful of soda; beat it and drink at once while foaming.

A delicious, cool drink on a hot day, and an excellent substitute for soda water when that cannot be had.