Plain Breakfast Cake

1 quart flour (scant). 4 teaspoonfuls cream tartar. 1 teaspoonful salt. 1/4 cup sugar (or less).

1 pint milk.

2tcaspoonfuls soda dissolved. 2 eggs (beaten light).

Mix thoroughly, beat hard. (If you choose omit the sugar and one egg.) Put into a warm, buttered square pan, and bake in a pretty hot oven about half an hour, taking care to keep the heat steady. Put on the table whole, on a hot plate. Cut it in squares, previously warming the knife, and eat hot.

Enough for seven persons. This mixture is good baked in hot gem-pans; it will make twenty gems.

General Washington's Breakfast Cake

1 quart milk. 1 tablespoonful butter. 2 pounds flour.

2teaspoonfuls salt 1 cupful yeast.

3eggs (beaten light).

Mix about nine in the evening as follows:

Warm the milk and butter together. When lukewarm stir in the flour. Add salt, yeast and eggs. Beat all well together. Grease two deep, large pans. Pour in the batter, filling pans only half-full, and set it to rise over night in a warm place. In the morning bake it in the same pans, without disturbing the batter. The oven should be hot, and it should bake three quarters of an hour, with steady heat.

This was always on General Washington's breakfast table the last few years of his life.

For a family of ten.