Fried Cabbage

Melt a lump of butter in a frying-pan. When very hot, stir in some cold, boiled cabbage, well seasoned with butter, pepper and salt, and moistened with a little cream or milk.

Stir till the whole is hot, then leave it to brown a few moments. Serve hot in a platter, the brown side upperiimst. A beaten egg stirred in with the cabbage is an improvement.

Boiled Cabbage

Remove the outer leaves; quarter and examine carefully, as cabbage is liable to be infested by insects. Soak for one hour in cold water. Put into boiling water, salted, an hour before dinner; boil fifteen minutes, skimming well. Drain off the water, and fill up with that which is fresh and boiling. When tender, drain well, press with a plate, chop and stir in a lump of butter, pepper and salt.

If very large, boil one and one half hours.

It is a great improvement to omit salt in the water, and boil with it a large piece of salt pork or bacon. This should be removed before chopping the cabbage. A cup of cream poured over it, after being dished, is an improvement. What is left may be used for "Escaloped Cabbage."

The odor from boiling cabbage can be avoided if it is boiled slowly and a lump of charcoal is put in the water, or a tiny bit of a ripe red pepper, or a pinch of ammonia.

North Carolina Boiled Cabbage

Pick over, wash and quarter a large cabbage. Let it stand in cold water for an hour. Have ready boiling a ham, or a smoked side; skim well. An hour before din ner, put into the boiling liquor, with the ham, the cabbage. Boil fast; when tender, chop fine. Skim off the grease, and pour some of the liquor over the cabbage. It may be served on the platter containing the ham.

Those who do not like ham, can substitute corned beef.