Fish Chowder

5 pounds codfish or sea-bass. 1 pound salt pork (chopped). 4 or 5 onions (sliced). 3 large potatoes (sliced).

A few pounded crackers. A few whole crackers. Milk or water. Pepper and salt.

Cut the fish into pieces three or four inches long. Put in the bottom of a deep kettle a layer of the pork, then one of fish, one of potatoes, one of onions, and one of pounded crackers. Season with a very little pepper and salt. Repeat the layers in this order. Make a layer on top of all of whole crackers, buttered. Pour over all enough milk or water to cover it well. Cover the pot.

Stew slowly for an hour. Transfer to the tureen carefully, so as not to break the pieces of fish.

If you choose, omit the pounded crackers, and dredge the fish and potatoes with flour.

Cape Cod Chowder

1 codfish (very fresh).

3or 4 slices salt pork.

1 dozen hard crackers (soaked slightly).

4or 5 onions (sliced). Pepper and salt.

Put the salt pork in the bottom of a deep kettle. Fry it brown, then take it out, and put into the fat half the crackers and onions, then the fish (cut into pieces about four inches long), then the rest of the crackers and onions. Season with pepper and salt. Pour over all enough boiling water to cover it well. Cover the kettle, and stew slowly for one hour.

N. B. Allow one pound of salt pork to four pounds of fish. Dish carefully, so as not to break the pieces.

A Rich Chowder

Like either of the above, with the addition of spices, butter rubbed in flour, parsley, mushrooms, and wine.