How To Open Clams

Wash them clean. Then put them in a deep kettle, with a very little water in the bottom. Cover close and set on the fire. When the water boils and the steam rises the shells will open, and the clams can easily be taken out.

This is a better way than to pour a quantity of boiling water over them, for the liquor is all saved, without being much weakened by water.

N. B. If any of the clams have already opened, those must be rejected as not good.

Clam Chowder

2 slices fat pork.

3large potatoes (sliced). 2 quarts hot water.

4ship-biscuit (broken). 1 cupful milk.

Put the pork in the soup-pot. When browned add thd 1 tablespoonful butter. 1 pint clams (measured after being taken from the shell). Salt and pepper.

potatoes and the water. Boil till the potatoes are nearlydone. Then put in the ship-biscuit, milk and butter. Let these come to a boil. Then add the clams with their liquor. Boil ten minutes, and serve.

Clam Pie

Butter a pudding-dish. Put a cup upside down in the centre, to keep the crust from falling in, and to prevent the liquor from boiling over. Season the clams with pepper, salt, and butter (melted). Fill the dish, and cover with a "Puff Paste," rolled nearly one inch thick. Cut a slit in the centre, and bake in a moderately slow oven, about three quarters of an hour.

Clam Broth

Wash the clams perfectly clean. Put them in a kettle, and nearly cover them with boiling water. Boil till the shells open. Then take out the clams, separate them from the shells, and put them back in the water. Boil them only a few minutes. Add a lump of butter, and thicken slightly with a little flour (previously rubbed to a paste). Have ready three or four toasted crackers. Lay them in the bottom of a tureen, and pour the broth over. (Excellent for invalids, as it is nutritious and easily digested.)

Escaloped Clams

Chop clams very fine. Season with pepper and salt, also a dash of curry powder if you like it. Have ready bread or cracker crumbs, moistened with a little milk. Put layers of these and clams in a deep buttered dish. Bake in a moderate oven for about one hour (covered the first half hour).