Baked Potatoes

Wash large, smooth potatoes of about the same size. Bake in a moderately hot oven for about one hour. Turn them three or four times, so that they will be evenly done. Eat at once. Cold baked potatoes may be warmed over by plunging into cold water, and then laying them for ten minutes in a very hot oven. The only other way to use then over successfully is for "Potato Rechauffe."

Baked Sweet Potatoes

Choose potatoes of a uniform size, and wash them. Put into a dripping-pan with half a cupful of cold water, allowing fully one hour to bake. Bake in a moderate oven till soft, turning frequently. Do not add more water. Boiled sweet potatoes are not fit to eat, but they may be parboiled and then baked. Grate what are left for "Sweet Potato Pudding or Pie."

Stuffed Potatoes

Bake Irish potatoes as above. When just done cut off one end of each, and carefully scoop out the inside in such a way as not to break the skins. Mash the potato through a sieve; add salt, butter, a little milk and grated cheese (be sure to put in enough cheese to give a decided flavor). Fill the potato skins with this mixture. Heap them full, and do not put on the covers. Put back into the oven, which should be very hot, until thoroughly heated.

N. B. These are improved by adding to the mixture the beaten yolk or white of an egg, and using cream instead of milk. The cheese may be omitted if it is not liked.

Fried Potatoes

Put into a frying pan a large tablespoonful of lard, beef dripping or ham-fat (that from sausages is very good). Have ready cold boiled potatoes cut into small slices or chopped coarsely. When the grease in the pan is Aery hot, put in the potatoes and brown quickly, or they will be greasy. Stir occasionally, adding more grease if they are likely to burn. A few minutes before serving add plenty of salt and pepper. Be careful not to use too much grease, and not to put in the potatoes till it is hot, for a dish of greasy fried potatoes is revolting.

Another Way is as follows: Slice cold boiled potatoes lengthwise into even, thick slices, and fry in any kind of fat but butter, as that will not brown them well. When the fat is very hot, dredge the slices with flour, and lay them in side by side. As each one browns on one side turn it on the other. Do not stir them together. Pepper and salt plentifully, and dish neatly. A pretty way is to lay them around minced hash on a platter.

Lyonnaise Potatoes

Put into a frying-pan a large tablespoonful of butter. When very hot, add half a small onion (minced very fine).

Do not put in more than this, - there should be only a suspicion of onion. Cut into dice six cold boiled potatoes. Add them to the frying onion, after a moment, and fry to a delicate brown. Season shortly before serving with chopped parsley (this is essential), pepper and salt.

Fry quickly, so that they will not be greasy, and serve as soon as done, so that they will not dry out.