A King Of Meat. (A Swiss Dish.)

Butter a pudding-dish. Invert a cup in the centre. Make a ring around it of cold meat, minced and seasoned with pepper, salt, and powdered herbs. Pour over it enough gravy or stock to moisten it well. Cover, and bake in a hot oven about fifteen minutes. Then uncover, and brown quickly. Remove the cup, and serve in the same dish. There will be a pool of gravy in the centre, with a ring of meat around.

Breakfast Turnovers

Boil and mash six or eight potatoes. While hot,season, add one or two eggs (beaten) and just flour enough to enable you to roll the potato out on a breadboard about half an inch thick. Cut into rounds with a saucer. Spread each one with melted butter. Cover half of each with a layer of any kind of cold meat minced fine and seasoned nicely. Fold over the potato nearly one half so as to cover the meat. Fry to a light brown in good beef dripping, or bake fifteen minutes in a hot oven.

Toast Sandwiches

Cut a thick slice of bread for each person. Cut into rounds with a large biscuit cutter. Toast them nicely; butter while hot. On each round put a layer of hot minced meat (beef, mutton, or veal) seasoned well. On this lay a "Poached Egg." Serve on a platter.

Both for this and the last receipt but little meat is required.

Tough Beefsteak

Can be made palatable in this way: Mince it fine, and put it in a sauce-pan with enough water to cover it. Simmer gently for half an hour; then stir in a lump of butter, and dredge in a little flour and a sprinkling of pepper and salt. Add also tomato catsup, or stewed tomato if you like it. Serve in a covered dish. (See also Beef Stew.)

Breakfast Bacon

Cut in rather thin slices, and pare off the skin. Lay in a hot frying-pan, not greased, and fry till nicely browned on both sides. Serve on a hot platter with mashed potato balls or rice balls laid around the edges. Save the fat that remains in the pan to fry potatoes.

Fried Ham

(See "Ham and Eggs")

When thoroughly done lay on a hot platter and serve in the gravy. This goes well with rice balls or mashed potato balls.

Sliced Ham, Dressed

Cut raw ham into slices; soak in scalding water a quarter of an hour. Then drain and squeeze dry. Lay the slices in a frying-pan. Pepper each and spread with a little made mustard. Pour into the frying-pan half a teaspoonful of vinegar to each slice. Fry over a very hot fire, turning often. When tender lay the slices on a hot platter. Add to the gravy a wineglassful of wine (may be omitted) and one teaspoonful of sugar. Boil up once and pour over the ham and serve.


If the sausages are in skins prick each one with a fork. Lay them in a dry frying-pan, as they are too fat to require any grease to brown them. Cover the pan and let it heat gradually. If they cook too fast they will not be done in the middle. Turn them often and brown every side. Three quarters of an hour will be none too long to cook them. Be careful that they do not burn. If you choose, fry slices of bread in the fat which remains after taking up the sausages. Serve on the platter with them. Always serve apple sauce with sausages. Save the fat from frying sausages. It is very nice to fry potatoes in, and also can be used for gingerbread instead of lard.