Fried Apples

Peel and slice five or six sour apples, not very thin. Have ready in a frying-pan several thin pieces of salt pork fried to a crisp. Put in the apples and fry over a slow fire, stirring occasionally, and taking care not to let them become mushy by too hot a fire or too frequent stirring. Serve hot, with meat; or eat with cream and sugar. Apples that are too dry for anything else are good prepared in this way.

Baked Apples

Early apples, baked, make a refreshing addition to a breakfast on the hot mornings we sometimes have in early autumn. And in winter, they are exceedingly wholesome, served hot, with brown sugar.

Baked Beans

Wash one pint of pea or navy beans, and put to soak over night in one quart of cold water. In the morning, drain off the water; pour boiling water over them, and let them stand covered, until the water is cold. Drain again, and put in a bean-pot, or pudding-dish. Then add two tablespoonfuls of molasses, one teaspoonful of salt, and half a saltspoonful of soda (dissolved). The soda is to prevent any evil effects from eating them. Stir all together gently and fill up the pot with boiling water. (There should be enough to much more than cover the beans, which should not be allowed to dry up enough to need stirring, as that would spoil their shape.) Put a quarter of a pound of salt pork in the middle of the beans, pressing it down a little. Cover the pot, and leave it in a slow oven for several hours, until the water is all absorbed, and the beans are tender. It is the custom in Boston to leave them in the oven all night, and to have them on the breakfast table every Sunday morning, with "Boston Brown Bread." Enough for a family of seven. What is left of baked beans use for "Tomato and Bean Soup." Another way, but not so good, is to parboil the beans (after soaking them) with the salt pork. Then bake them.

Macaroni With Oysters

Put in a buttered pudding-dish, layers of boiled macaroni and oysters. Put bits of butter and pepper and salt on each layer of oysters. Pour over all one cupful of cream or milk and bake in a hot oven, with grated breadcrumbs on top, for fifteen minutes.

Ham And Macaroni

Put into a buttered pudding-dish cold or hot boiled macaroni, in layers, with minced ham. Put on each layer of macaroni bits of butter and grated cheese. Season the ham with a little mustard or finely chopped onion. Peat one egg, and mix with one cupful of milk. Pour over all, and bake in a very quick oven for ten minutes.