2 eggs beaten light.

1/2 teaspoonful salt. 3 cupfuls flour. 2 teaspoonfuls cream tartar.

1 cupful milk.

1 teaspoonful soda dissolved. 3 flat tablespoonfuls butter, melted.

Put in the flour and milk alternately, rubbing the cream of tartar through the flour before adding it. Have the pan hot; fill it half-full, and bake in a rather hot oven, about half an hour, increasing the heat towards the last.

(Add sugar, if you like. Less butter may like used if more milk is added, say two tablespoonfuls butter to one and one half cups of milk.) One and one half cups of huckleberries may be added.

Sally Lunn (Raised)

1 pint light bread-dough. 6 tablespoonfuls sugar.

2heaping tablespoonfuls butter,


2/3 cupful milk, sweet or sour. 2/3 teaspoonful cinnamon. 2/3 cupful flour, more or less.

The flour should be enough for a rather stiff batter. Beat hard. Pour into a buttered baking pan, and set to rise in a warm place till light (about four hours). Bake at once in the same pan, in a rather hot oven, for about half an hour.

If you like crust, dip the batter carefully into hot gempans and bake. This will fill one and one half dozen gempans. (Improved by one egg added when you set it.)