3252. Place in pony glass half pony each creme yvette and apricot brandy. Care should be taken to have each separated and not running together.

3253. Crack a fresh egg in a large glass tumbler, add a half teaspoon powdered sugar and thoroughly beat egg and sugar with a spoon. Pour in a teaspoon each red curacao and green chartreuse, a pony glass good whiskey, fill glass with finely cracked ice, strain into a small flat glass and serve.

3254. Place in a cordial glass half a teaspoon raspberry syrup, carefully pour one over the other, a half teaspoon each maraschino, creme de menthe, green chartreuse and brandy; serve very carefully without mixing different colours.

3255. Place in small wineglass a teaspoon red curacao and yolk of a very fresh egg, taking special care that the egg yolk remain whole, then carefully pour in a teaspoon each maraschino, yellow chartreuse, green chartreuse and very good brandy. Light a match, set fire to brandy and let burn one and a half minutes, which should be done in presence of the guest.

3256. Place in bottom of a cordial glass a teaspoon red curacao and fill a teaspoon with yellow chartreuse. Gently and carefully put spoon into glass far enough down to allow point of spoon to just touch surface of curacao, slowly withdrawing spoon until empty, then fill spoon with brandy, gradually pour over the yellow chartreuse and serve without shaking.