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Roly-Poly Pudding

2277. Ox-Cheek, Anglaise

Steep an ox-cheek in cold water one hour, wash well, then place in a soup pot with a pound shin of veal, one beef marrowbone and two ounces raw ham. Season with two teaspoons salt, pour in five quarts water, then let slowly come to a boil. Skim scum from surface, add one carrot, cut in quarters, one white turnip, cut same way, one stalk celery, one white onion with two cloves stuck in, six peppercorns, a small branch parsley, a sprig thyme, a bay leaf, one sprig sage, a blade marjoram, a blade mace and teaspoon allspice. Cover pan and let slowly boil one hour. Take up the cheek, place between two boards with a six-pound weight on top. Add a gill white wine to the broth and slowly boil two hours longer. Cut one medium carrot, one white turnip and one stalk celery in small square pieces, place in a saucepan with an ounce butter and brown on fire fifteen minutes, stirring frequently. Strain the broth through a cheesecloth into the vegetables, add two tablespoons tomato catsup, a tablespoon Worcestershire sauce and a quarter gill sherry.

Cut cheek in half-inch-square pieces, add to soup, then boil fifteen minutes, skim fat from surface, pour into a soup tureen and serve.

2278. Roly-Poly Pudding

Remove sinews from five ounces fresh beef suet and chop very finely, place in a mortar with an ounce butter and thoroughly pound. Sift an ounce flour on corner of a table, make a small fountain in centre, pour in it two gills water, half teaspoon vanilla essence, then the pounded suet. Knead the whole well together, then roll out batter on the floured corner of table to quarter-inch thickness. Spread over it evenly half pound any kind marmalade. Roll up, then wrap in a cloth. Tie it all around, plunge in boiling water and boil two hours. Remove, unwrap, place on a dish and serve with a Sabayon sauce (No. 102).