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Vegetable Soup, Hanovrienne

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Boiled Fowl, Anglaise

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Feuilletees, Parisienne

2568. Vegetable Soup, Hanovrienne

Cut in very thin slices of about half an inch, half a well-washed, small green cabbage, one white turnip, one beet root, two branches crisp celery, one white onion and two leeks. Place all these vegetables in a soup pot with one ounce butter and two light teaspoons salt, cover the pan and let steam on the range for twenty minutes. Moisten with three and a half quarts water, add half-pound piece salt pork and one pound shin of beef. Season with a half teaspoon pepper, re-cover pot and let slowly boil for one and a half hours. Finely slice two peeled, small raw potatoes and two country sausages, add them to the pot and boil continually for forty minutes longer. Remove the pork and beef, skim fat from surface of soup, add half ounce butter with a teaspoon chopped chervil, pour soup into a tureen and serve with six slices of toasted (French bread).

2569. Boiled Fowl, Anglaise

Singe, cut off head and feet, neatly wipe and truss a tender fowl of three and a half to four pounds. Place in a saucepan with enough water to cover it, season with a heavy teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper, then let boil for fifteen minutes. With a large Parisian potato scoop dig out all you can from three large carrots and three large turnips and add to the fowl. Tie together two leeks, two branches marjoram, one bay leaf, one clove, add to the fowl, cover pan and let boil for forty-five minutes. Scoop out two raw potatoes with the same scoop, thoroughly wash, add to fowl with six small white onions, and let continually boil for thirty minutes. Divide a small head of raw cauliflower in sections, wash and drain well, place in saucepan with a gill milk, quart water, teaspoon salt, boil for forty minutes and drain on a sieve. Dress on a hot dish, untruss, arrange vegetables alternately by groups around fowl and serve with an onion sauce separately. Strain broth of fowl into the white broth pan (No. 701).

2570. Onion Sauce

Cut two white medium onions in halves, then finely slice them, place in a saucepan with an ounce butter, and fry very slowly twelve minutes without browning, frequently stirring meanwhile. Add an ounce flour stir well while heating for one minute, moisten with a pint hot milk and season with half teaspoon salt, saltspoon cayenne and half saltspoon grated nutmeg. Sharply mix with whisk for one minute, then let boil for thirty minutes, frequently mixing meanwhile, remove and use as required.

2571. Feuilletees, Parisienne

Prepare a creme patissiere as in No. 1280. Roll out as thin as possible a half pound puff paste (No. 756) on a lightly floured table, then cut it in six even pieces three inches square, fold up each piece (double), open again, then lightly wet the edge of each half. Spread a tablespoon of creme patissiere over each, being careful not to spread any at the edges, fold up, gently press down both edges and lightly wet the surface on one side only. Have a little powdered sugar on a plate, turn the wet side of each over the sugar, arrange the cakes on a lightly wetted baking sheet plain side downward, then set in a brisk oven for fifteen minutes, remove, dress on a dish with a folded napkin and serve.