Oranges (104) Pettijohn Food (170)

Scrambled Eggs aux Croutons

Whitebait, Farm Style (1373)

Lamb Hash* with Green Pepper (77)

Scotch Scones (364)

*Use the lamb left over from yesterday

2867. Scrambled Eggs Aux Croutons

Cut from a sandwich loaf three quarter-inch-thick slices, trim off crusts and cut in very small squares, place in a saucepan with two tablespoons melted butter and fry until a good golden colour. Break eight fresh eggs into a bowl, add a half gill milk, half teaspoon salt and two saltspoons pepper. Beat up with a fork for one minute, then drop in saucepan with croutons and cook for six minutes, briskly stirring meanwhile, dress on a hot dish and serve.


Parsley Broth (1667)

Scallops au Gratin (1060)

Veal Chops with Fines Herbes

Lima Beans (1938)

Tartlets, Patissiere

2868. Veal Chops With Fines Herbes

Neatly trim and flatten six tender white veal chops. Mix on a plate a teaspoon salt, half teaspoon pepper, saltspoon grated nutmeg, and with it season chops all around. Thoroughly heat a tablespoon melted butter in sautoir, add chops one beside another and briskly cook for five minutes on each side. Take up butter from pan and place it in another sautoir, then pour in pan chops, one gill broth, and let reduce on fire to a glaze, pour in a half gill white wine, shuffle pan and keep hot. Finely chop four fine, small shallots and add to sautoir with butter, gently brown for two minutes, then add two finely chopped, well-cleaned fresh mushrooms, a half ounce finely chopped raw ham, and cook for five minutes. Pour in a half gill demi-glace (No. 122), lightly mix, add a half teaspoon chopped parsley, lightly mix again, cook for five minutes, dress chops on a hot dish, pour contents of pan over and serve.

2869. Tartlets, Patissiere

Prepare a creme patissiere (No. 1280). Scald in boiling water for two minutes two ounces almonds, drain, peel, and finely chop, then place in oven on a tin until they obtain a nice brown colour, tossing them once in a while. Remove and add to creme, stir well and keep till required.

Lightly butter six tartlet moulds. Roll out on a lightly floured table a half pound pie paste (No. 117) to one-sixth-inch thickness. With pastry cutter a shade longer than top of moulds cut out six pieces and line tartlets with them, then line inside of each with a piece of buttered paper, fill up with dried beans and place in oven for twenty minutes. Remove, take out beans and paper, fill up with creme and nicely smooth surface, sprinkle a little powdered sugar over, then set in oven for eight minutes. Remove, lift up from moulds, dress on dish with a folded napkin and serve.