957. Filet Of Beef, Ecossaise

Lay a mirepoix into a small roasting pan, as per No. 271. Neatly trim a two-and-a-half-pound piece filet of beef. Season all around with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon white pepper; lay the filet over the mirepoix, spread a tablespoon melted lard over it, pour two tablespoons water in the pan; set in the oven to bake for thirty-five minutes, turning and basting it occasionally. Remove, pour a poivrade sauce, as per No. 546, on a hot dish, place the filet over and serve.

958. Sweetbreads, Bercy

Soak six heart sweetbreads in plenty of fresh water for two hours; drain. Then plunge the sweetbreads in two quarts of boiling water with a teaspoon of salt for five minutes. Drain, then place in cold water for five minutes; drain well again. Lard their surfaces with six thin strips of larding pork. Finely slice half a carrot, half an onion, two branches of parsley, one branch of celery and one leek. Place all the vegetables at the bottom of a frying pan, adding all the skin and parings of the piece of pork cut out for the larding strips. Arrange the sweetbreads over the vegetables. Season with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon white pepper; add a tablespoon melted butter to the pan, place on the fire for six minutes; moisten with one gill white broth (No. 701), one gill white wine and one gill of demi-glace (No. 122). Cover the breads with a piece of buttered paper, then set in the oven for thirty minutes. Remove, lift them up, lay over six small, round toasts and keep warm. Place in a small saucepan one small, finely chopped onion with a level tablespoon butter and fry for five minutes. Strain the sweetbreads gravy into this, skim the fat from the surface and add half teaspoon freshly chopped chives; reduce the sauce on the fire to one gill and take off the fire.

Squeeze in the juice of one-quarter lemon, add half ounce butter, little by little, pour sauce over sweetbreads and serve.

959. Stuffed Sweet Red Peppers

Heat in a saucepan one tablespoon melted butter, add one finely chopped white onion and half ounce finely chopped raw, lean ham and cook for five minutes, frequently stirring; then add three tablespoons raw rice, lightly stir and cook for one minute. Moisten with half gill broth and a gill tomato sauce (No. 16). Season with half teaspoon salt, two saltspoons white pepper and two saltspoons curry powder; lightly mix, cover the pan, boil for five minutes, then set in the oven for thirty minutes. Remove, lightly butter six individual pudding moulds, place a sweet pepper in each mould, then fill up the peppers with the preparation; trim off any superfluous adherings on the brim of the peppers with a knife. Cover the tops with a round piece of pepper and lay them in a tin, pour hot water in the tin up to half the height of the moulds, set in the oven for fifteen minutes, remove, unmould upon a hot dish and serve.

960. Siberian Punch

Prepare a quart and a half vanilla ice cream as per No. 42. Beat the whites of three eggs to a stiff froth in a basin. Boil a gill of water with two ounces sugar for five minutes and gradually add to the egg froth, briskly whisking while adding it; then add a pint of the vanilla ice cream to this preparation with two tablespoons rum; gently mix with a wooden spoon. Divide the punch into six sherbet glasses and serve.

N. B. To avoid double work, in preparing the punch and Neapolitan ice cream prepare, as above explained, three pints in place of the usual quart; the other pint will be served later on.

961. Small Nougats Of Oranges

Roll out on a lightly floured table a half pound of pie paste, as per No. 117, to a fifth of an inch in thickness, three inches wide and twelve inches long. Place the paste in a lightly buttered pastry pan; with two fingers raise up all around the edges of the bowl half an inch high. Then spread all over the interior four tablespoons thick orange marmalade. Set in the oven to bake for fifteen minutes. Remove and keep till required. Beat up four egg whites to a stiff froth, add two ounces sugar and three ounces peeled and finely shredded almonds; gently mix with a skimmer. Spread the preparation over the orange marmalade, neatly smooth with a knife and reset in the oven until it has attained a nice golden colour. Remove, cut the cake crosswise into twelve equal pieces and serve when cool.