Clams (1457)

Celery Westphalia Ham

Consomme Colombo

Salmon, Pdrigord Potatoes, Dauphine (415)

Sirloin of Beef en Casserole (1286)

String Beans, Polonaise (1143) Cromesky of Sweetbreads

Punch Cardinal (96)

Roast Guinea Fowl (1535) Lettuce Salad (148)

Parfait au Chocolat (1496)

2360. Westphalia Ham For Side Dish

Procure six very tin slices of Westphalia ham, cut each in two slanting slices, twist each piece into cornet-like shape, arrange a little parsley greens in each cornet, place them on a side dish and serve.

2361. Consomme, Colombo

Prepare a consomme (No. 52), strain it into another saucepan and keep simmering. Lightly butter four individual pudding moulds. Break two fresh eggs in a bowl, add the yolk of another, thoroughly beat them with a whisk, then pour in one and one-half gills of cream. Season with three saltspoons salt, one saltspoon cayenne pepper and half a saltspoon grated nutmeg, and sharply mix until well thickened. Then strain half of the preparation into two mo aids. Reduce a gill of tomato sauce (No. 16) in a saucepan, to the quantity of a tablespoon and add to the bowl. Mix well, then strain this into the other two moulds. Place the four moulds on a small tin, pour hot water in the tin up to half the height of the moulds, set them in the oven with the door open for ten minutes. Remove, let slightly cool off, unmould, cut them in slices and place in a soup tureen. Pour the consomme* over. Sprinkle the leaves from two branches of chervil over and serve.

2362. Salmon, Pemgord

Place three slices fresh salmon of three-quarters of a pound each in a small sautoire with half ounce butter, one branch parsley and a gill of white wine. Set on a brisk fire and let reduce until nearly dry, then pour in one and one-half gills demi-glace (No. 122) and one medium slice of truffle, lightly mix, coyer the salmon with a buttered paper, then set in the oven for fifteen minutes. Remove, dress the salmon on a hot dish, pour the sauce over. Arrange six heart-shaped bread croutons around fish and serve.

2363. Cromesky Of Sweetbreads

Soak six sweetbreads in cold water for two hours. Remove and plunge them in boiling water for five minutes. Drain, then neatly trim all around and place them in a saucepan with a sliced carrot, a sliced onion, half an ounce lard cut into small pieces, one-half gill white wine and one pint broth (No. 701). Season with a teaspoon salt, cover the pan and let slowly boil for twenty minutes. Lift up the breads with a skimmer and cut them into quarter-inch-square pieces, and keep them on a plate until required.

Mix in a saucepan one ounce butter with two ounces flour. Skim fat from the surface of the bread broth, then strain it through a Chinese strainer into this roux. Mix well and let reduce to one-half the quantity, frequently mixing meanwhile. Add six finely chopped canned mushrooms, one saltspoon cayenne, half a saltspoon grated nutmeg, two tablespoons sherry, three tablespoons cream and two egg yolks. Sharply mix with a whisk while cooking for two minutes. Add the breads, gently mix, then cook for two minutes. Transfer to a dish and let cool off.

Divide the force into twelve even parts, roll each part in fresh bread crumbs and give them nice cork-shaped forms. Have a frying batter (No. 204), roll each croquette into the batter and gently drop them into boiling fat and fry for ten minutes, turning them with the skimmer once in a while, lift up, drain on a cloth and trim them well. Arrange on hot dish with a folded napkin, decorate with a little parsley greens and serve with one gill tomato sauce (No. 16) separately.

N. B. After the force has been divided into twelve parts each part should be enveloped in pancakes of same size instead of rolling them in bread crumbs, but it would cause considerable additional work and the result would be about the same.