640. Filet Of Beef Larded, Madeira Sauce

Prepare a larded filet of beef exactly the same as per No. 144. Dress it on a hot dish, decorate with a little watercress and serve with a hot Madeira sauce (No. 641) in a saucebowl separately.

641. Madeira Sauce

Place half gill hot tomato sauce (No. 16) and three-quarters of a gill hot demi-glace (No. 122) in a small saucepan on the fire and boil for five minutes. Then add two tablespoons good Madeira wine, half salt-spoon cayenne pepper; mix well, then gently boil for five minutes more. Pour into a hot saucebowl and serve.

642. Sweetbreads, Alice

Soak six heart sweetbreads in cold water for two hours. Lift them up and plunge into two quarts boiling water with a teaspoon salt to blanch for five minutes. Lift up, drain well on a cloth, then neatly trim all around. Cut twenty-four very thin strips larding pork, and with a very small larding needle carefully lard the top of each sweetbread with four strips of the lard. Lay the breads in a sautoire, one beside another. Season with a teaspoon salt, two saltspoons cayenne pepper and a salt-spoon of grated nutmeg, adding three-quarters of a pint cold cream and one pint very fresh milk. Cover the pan and boil on the range for ten minutes, then add twelve good-sized peeled and well-cleaned fresh mushroom heads and boil for fifteen minutes longer. Knead well half ounce butter with a teaspoon flour in a bowl and carefully add, little by little, to the breads; mix well with a wooden spoon while cooking for one minute, without breaking the breads. Remove the pan to the table. Have six small individual mushroom glass bells. Cut six round pieces bread to the diameter of the bottom of the bells; lightly toast them.

Place each toast in a shirred-egg dish, then place a sweetbread on top of each toast, nicely arrange two heads of mushrooms on top of each sweetbread, then cover them with the glass bells. Divide the sauce of the breads evenly in the six dishes around the bells. Place on the range, and as soon as they come to a boil place in a moderate oven to bake for ten minutes. Remove from the oven, place on six plates and serve with the bells, that is, do not remove the bells till they are on the table.

643. Punch Au Curacao

Prepare a lemon ice, as per No. 376, and when ready add two and a half tablespoons good curacao; mix well for one minute and serve in six sherbet glasses.

644. Madeleine Au Cafe

Break four fresh eggs in a copper basin, add four ounces sugar and sharply beat up with a whisk for fifteen minutes; then add four ounces sifted flour with three tablespoons very strong-made coffee, gently mix with a skimmer for one minute; then add three ounces melted butter and a saltspoon baking powder; gently mix again for half minute, then pour into a lightly buttered pastry tin and set in a moderate oven to bake for twenty minutes. Remove from the oven, cut the madeleine into six equal pieces, sprinkle a little powdered sugar over and serve.

645. Pistache Ice Cream

Peel and pound gently one-quarter a pound fresh pistachios; then add to it a vanilla ice-cream preparation before cooking. Proceed to cook and finish the cream exactly the same as per vanilla ice cream (No. 42). Pour in one tablespoon maraschino, half teaspoon almond essence and one teaspoon kirsh; mix well and serve as you do vanilla.