Muskmelons (2056) Grape-Nuts (1371)

Eggs Cocotte, au Jus

Fried Smelts, Tomato Sauce (527)

Calf's Liver and Bacon (155) Grilled White Potatoes (1344)

Curry Cakes (1112)

2432. Eggs Cocotte, Au Jus

Place in a small saucepan a gill demi-glace (No. 122), a tablespoon sherry, half gill broth and half saltspoon cayenne pepper and let boil for five minutes, lightly mixing meanwhile. Divide into six egg-cocotte dishes, carefully crack two fresh eggs in each, season with a half teaspoon salt and two saltspoons pepper, lay them on a tin, set in oven for five minutes, remove and serve.


Cold Consomme in Cups (1901)

Frogs' Legs, Newburg

Economical Boiled Beef Horseradish Sauce

Vermicelli au Gratin

Apples, Richelieu (300)

2433. Frogs' Legs, Newburg

Cut off bodies and claws (if any adhering) from one and a half pounds fresh frogs' legs, then separate the legs, heat two tablespoons melted butter in a sautoire, add the legs, season with a light teaspoon salt and cook for ten minutes, occasionally tossing meanwhile. Pour in three tablespoons sherry, one and a half gills milk and one and a half gills cream. Season with a saltspoon cayenne and a saltspoon grated nutmeg, mix well and let slowly boil for ten minutes. Dilute two egg yolks in two tablespoons cream and add to the frogs, constantly shuffling the pan while heating for four minutes, being careful not to boil, pour into a chafing dish or tureen and serve.

2434. Economical Boiled Beef

Unwrap the beef left over from yesterday and cut into quarter-inch slices, spread a very little French mustard on both sides of the slices, lightly dip in beaten egg, then roll in bread crumbs. Heat two tablespoons lard in frying pan, add the beef and fry for two minutes on each side. Lift up, pour a horseradish sauce (No. 2435) on a hot dish, dress the beef over and serve.

2435. Horseradish Sauce

Place in a small saucepan an ounce butter with an ounce flour, briskly stir with a wooden spoon while heating for one minute, then pour in two gills hot milk, season with half a teaspoon salt, mix well and let boil for ten minutes. Add three tablespoonfuls freshly grated horseradish, mix well, boil for one minute, then use as required.

2436. Vermicelli Au Gratin

Gently break ten ounces vermicelli on a plate, boil in a saucepan one pint white broth (No. 701), add the vermicelli; season with a light teaspoon salt and three saltspoons pepper, then let boil for fifteen minutes, stirring at the bottom frequently. Stir in one ounce grated Parmesan cheese, add half a gill cream, one-half ounce butter and one egg yolk. Sharply mix with a wooden spoon for one minute, transfer the vermicelli into a baking dish. Sprinkle over a little Parmesan cheese, arrange a few little bits of butter on top, then set in the oven for ten minutes, remove and serve.