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Potage, Mikado

Sheepshead, Charleston

Potatoes, Parisienne (711)

Noix of Beef Braise, Bourgeoise

Fresh Asparagus, Hollandaise (1385)

Roast Turkey, Cranberry Sauce (67)

Sliced Tomatoes (461)

Neselrode Pudding (607)

1869. Potage, Mikado

Cut half of a small breast of chicken, quarter of a pound lean raw veal and quarter pound of lean raw mutton into small dice pieces, place in a saucepan on the fire with one ounce butter and cook for five minutes, stirring with the spatula meanwhile. Then moisten with two and a half quarts white broth (No. 701), add a finely chopped, medium onion, one green pepper chopped the same way and one and a half tablespoons diluted curry. Tie in a bunch one leek, two branches celery two ditto parsley, one chervil, one bay leaf, one sprig thyme, one clove and one bean garlic, and add to the soup. Season with a heavy teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper. Cook slowly forty minutes, add three tablespoons raw rice, cook thirty minutes longer. Remove the herbs, etc., skim fat from surface, pour into a soup tureen and serve.

1870. Sheepshead, Charleston

Scale, trim fins and remove bones from a three-pound piece of fresh sheepshead. Cut in fine julienne strips two parsley roots, one leek, two branches celery, four medium, fresh, well peeled and cleaned mushrooms and one medium white onion. Place these in a frying pan with an ounce of melted butter gently brown six minutes and place fish over them. Season with a teaspoon salt, half teaspoon paprika, pour in half gill white wine and one and a half gills tomato sauce (No. 16). Cover fish with a lightly buttered paper, boil on range for five minutes, then set in oven thirty minutes. Dress the fish on a large dish. Reduce sauce for eight minutes on the fire, pour over the fish and serve.

1871. Noix Of Beef Braise, Bourgeoise

Procure a four-pound piece from a tender rump of beef, with all the fat on one side. With a large larding needle insert across the lean part of the beef four oblong shreds of larding pork. Heat one ounce lard in a braising pan, add beef and nicely brown on range fifteen minutes, turning it once in a while; lift up the beef and keep on a plate. Add twelve small, peeled white onions to the pan with twelve new scraped carrots and two ounces salt pork cut in half-inch squares and gently brown ten minutes, occasionally stirring meanwhile; sprinkle with a tablespoon flour, stir well while heating two minutes, add the beef, pour in two gills of demi-glace (No. 122), one gill tomato sauce (No. 16), two gills broth, half gill claret, a tablespoon brandy, a teaspoon and a half salt, half teaspoon pepper. Mix well, cover pan and let boil thirty minutes. Tie together a branch tarragon, a branch chervil, a branch parsley and one bean garlic and add to pan with half pint cooked fresh peas. Cover pan and set in oven one hour and forty-five minutes.

Remove, arrange the beef on a hot dish, skim fat from sauce, pour it over beef, sprinkle a little chopped parsley over and serve.