Gooseberries in Cream (2169)

Cero Fruto (1610)

Eggs, Taverne Fried Whitebait (1123)

Country Sausages with Fried Apples

Jelly Cakes (1554)

2472. Eggs, Taverne

Cut out from a stale loaf of French bread twelve thin slices, toast them to a good golden colour, then place them at the bottom of a lightly buttered baking dish, carefully crack twelve fresh eggs over, season with half teaspoon salt and two saltspoons pepper. Broil six thin slices bacon for one minute on one side only, then arrange them over the eggs cooked side downward, sprinkle a tablespoon Swiss cheese over, set in the oven for six minutes, remove and serve.

2473. Country Sausages With Fried Apples

Peel and core three medium, sound apples, then cut them into four even slices each, dip them in milk, then lightly roll them in flour. Heat two tablespoons lard in a frying pan, add the apples one beside another and nicely fry them for two minutes on each side. Remove, arrange around a hot dish and keep hot. Prickle twelve country sausages with a needle, arrange them on a double broiler, and broil for four minutes on each side, remove, dress them in the centre of the apples and serve.


Clam Broth, Chantilly (2073)

Stuffed Devilled Crabs (10)

Bonne Bouchee of Turkey Oyster Plant Salad

Pineapple Tartlets (649)

2474. Bonne Bouchee Of Turkey

Pick off all the meat from turkey left over from yesterday and cut it in half-inch pieces. - Cut also two ounces cooked lean ham and one ounce cooked smoked beef tongue. Finely slice six good-sized, well-cleaned fresh mushrooms and place them in a saucepan with one ounce butter and gently fry them for five minutes, stirring occasionally. Add one ounce sifted flour, stir well while heating for one minute, moisten with pint broth, season with a half teaspoon salt, saltspoon cayenne and saltspoon grated nutmeg, constantly mix until it comes to a boil, then let cook for ten minutes. Add the above articles with two tablespoons sherry, mix well and cook for ten minutes more, remove and keep on a table. Boil four peeled potatoes in a quart of water with teaspoon salt for thirty minutes, drain on a sieve, then press them through a potato masher into a sauteuse. Add two raw eggs, half teaspoon salt, three salt-spoons pepper, and sharply stir on the fire with spatula until well dried. Butter well a plain quart pudding mould, line all over the inside with three-quarters of the potatoes, pour the turkey fricassee in the centre, spread balance of potatoes over, cover it with a buttered paper and set in the oven for forty-five minutes.

Remove, lift up paper, unmould on a hot dish, pour cream sauce (No. 736) around and serve.

2475. Oyster Plant Salad

Scrape and cut the stalks from a large bunch of fresh, tender oyster plants, cut them in one-inch-long pieces, split each thick piece in half, plunge them in a quart of cold water with two tablespoons of vinegar, and thoroughly wash them, drain and place them in a saucepan with a sound lemon cut in pieces, a teaspoon salt, boil them for forty minutes, drain on a sieve, place them in a vessel and let stand in a cool place until cold. Then place them in a salad bowl, season with two tablespoons dressing (No. 863), mix well, and at the last moment add three tablespoons mayonnaise dressing (No. 70), neatly mix, wipe bowl all around and serve.