Chafing-Dish Supper. I

Pigs in Blankets

Chicken Bouillon

Thin Bread-and-Butter

Welsh Rarebit

Ale or Beer


Chafing-Dish Supper. II

Scotch Woodcock


Oysters or Clams, creamed

Lettuce Sandwiches

Cheese Fondu


For a chafing-dish supper there should be no more guests than can group themselves comfortably about the dining-room table. As a rule, the dishes that are prepared are not of the variety that one can eat readily from a plate balanced on the knee, or in the hand. If the main table be not large enough to permit of all being seated about it, there may be smaller tables for the "overflow." If one chafing-dish is too small to prepare as much as the appetites of the eaters crave, there may be one at each end of the table, and there should be an expert in charge of each.

The table may be simply set - either bare, or covered with a plain cloth. Flowers are out of place in the middle of it, as interfering with the free view of the chafing-dish by the guests. For it makes no difference how often one has seen a dish cooked, there is always curiosity to see it done once more. About the chafing-dish are placed all the paraphernalia that attend upon that kind of cookery - the condiments, the utensils, the spoons, forks, knives, measuring cups and the like. In chafing-dish cookery nothing can wait, and everything that by any chance can be needed must be there in advance.

Let no one be so deluded by any amount of theoretical knowledge as to venture to make a maiden essay at chafing-dish cookery in the presence of a company of guests. There should always be a rehearsal beforehand. Nowhere else is stage fright more imminent. Nowhere else has it more disastrous possibilities.

If feasible there should be a servant at hand with a supply of hot dishes. All the other work of cooking and waiting may be performed by the hostess and her guests. The occasion should be most informal. Persons who can not unbend readily should never go to chafing-dish parties. They will find themselves much out of place. To those who are fond of easy laughter and simple fun and a good deal of nonsense, and whose digestions - this is chiefest of all - are in good working order, there are few social relaxations that are pleasanter than a chafing-dish "affair."

Some recipes which may be cooked in a chafing-dish

Scrambled eggs (79)

Mince of tongue and eggs (81)

Mince of ham and eggs (81)

Eggs and tomatoes (85)

Olla podrida omelet (86)

Corn omelet (448)

Scrambled eggs with cheese (86)

Rice omelet (86)

Fish omelet (87)

Ham omelet (87)

Minced eggs (88)

Creamed oysters (145)

Oyster stew (148)

Curried oysters (149)

Lobster a la Newburg (154, 347)

Creamed lobster (154)

Curry of lobster (154)

Deviled lobster (155)

Crabs and champignons (156)

Buttered shrimps (157)

Curried shrimps (157)

Shrimps and eggs (158)

Maryland terrapin (158)

Curry of salmon (162)

Pigs in blankets (151) Broiled oysters (146) Panned oysters (149) Oyster omelet (83) Creamed clams (152) Sardine eggs (160) Creamed codfish (104) A "pick up" of fish (164) A "toss up" of veal (172) Broiled mushrooms (135,459) Stewed kidneys (119) Creamed potatoes (473) Cream toast (76) Anchovy croutons (161) Sautes oysters (152) Cheese omelet (85) Creamed chicken (125, 196) Curried chicken (172) Broiled chicken (124, 407) Creamed sweetbreads (122) Frizzled beef and eggs (180) Nonpareil Welsh rarebit (202) Cream cheese golden buck (202) Oysters with mushrooms (150)