There is nothing that requires so much care in selection as a cold cream, or any oily substance that is to be used on the face. Only vegetable oils should be used. Animal or mineral oils cause a growth of hair, and for that reason should never touch the body. Do not use a cream too lavishly. The skin will only absorb a little, and the remainder, if left upon the surface, is worse than wasted.

First bathe the face, and, in the case of an oily, porous skin, use some astringent lotion. Let this dry in, and then apply the cream or skin food, rubbing lightly in the opposite direction of any lines that may be forming. Wipe away any that is left unabsorbed.

Astringent Wash For Oily Skin

White-rose leaves, dried, 1 ounce.

Pure white wine vinegar, pint.

Rose water, 1 pint. Pour the vinegar on the rose leaves, and let stand two weeks, strain through muslin and add the rose water. Bottle. It can be made without the rose leaves, but is not as satisfactory. Sponge the face and let dry in.

Porous Skin

The opium found in stems of lettuce flower stalks is refining to the skin and absorbs the oil so likely to appear on porous skins. Break off the stalks and rub the milky juice over the face at night, allowing it to dry on. Also use the above rose wash, making it more effective by adding to it 2 ounces of rectified wine. The dried rose leaves can be found in any large drug store.

Cucumber Lotion

This is perhaps the best lotion that can be used for an oily or porous skin; besides its whitening qualities.

3 tablespoonfuls cucumber juice pressed from the fresh fruit. pint elder-flower water.

2 tablespoonfuls cologne.

ounce simple tincture of benzoin. Put the cucumber juice in a bottle with part of the elder-flower 'water, and the cologne. Shake and add the benzoin drop by drop, shaking the mixture frequently. Add the remainder of the elder-flower water, and it is ready for use. If there is much deposit from the benzoin, strain through muslin. This will keep a year. The arsenic in the cucumber makes it a natural face bleach, whitening and smoothing the skin.

Face Bleach

Use cucumber lotion.

Rose Cream

Healing and soothing.

Pure white wax, ounce.

Spermaceti, 2 ounces.

Oil of sweet almonds, 3 ounces.

Rose-water, 1 ounces. Melt the first three ingredients in a porcelain saucepan over the fire or an alcohol lamp. Do not let boil. When hot remove and add the rose-water, stirring all the time. Beat or stir with a silver spoon, until cold, white and creamy. One-half teaspoonful of borax in the rose-water will whiten the cream and the face also. It may be perfumed still further by the addition of a few drops of oil of rose. Warm the little jars in which it is to be packed and it will sink smoothly in place. This is one of the best creams in use. It whitens and smooths the skin, and will cure pimples and blackheads if not of too long standing.

Rose Blossom Skin Food

Lanoline, 1 ounce.

White wax, ounce.

Spermaceti, ounce.

Sweet almond oil, 1 ounce.

Cocoanut oil, 1 ounce.

Tincture (simple) of benzoin, 1 teaspoonful.

Rose-water, 1 ounce.

Melt the first five ingredients together. Do not let boil. Remove from fire, and stir rapidly, adding the rose- water and benzoin as quickly as possible. Stir and beat until a smooth soft yellow cream is the result. Pack into small china or glass jars. Cover closely. Apply with massage every night. This refines the skin and feeds the tissues. Lanoline is the best skin cleanser in existence, but cannot be used alone.