Chicken Pie

Cut a chicken in small pieces and stew till tender. Season well with butter, pepper, and salt. Thicken the gravy with a tablespoon of flour made smooth with water. Have ready some peeled boiled potatoes. Line the sides of a deep dish with rich crust; put in a layer of chicken and a layer of potatoes in thick slices. Repeat, and pour the gravy over it. Cover with the pie crust. Cut a slit in the top, and bake till the crust is done. Serve hot.

Chicken Pot-Pie

Cut a good-sized chicken in small pieces. Put a small plate in the bottom of the kettle. Put the chicken in and cover it with hot water. Season high with butter, pepper, and salt. A half hour before serving, drop in small lumps of dough made like biscuit. A quart of flour makes enough dumplings for one large chicken. Cover closely; 20 or 25 minutes will generally cook them. Take out with skimmer carefully, on platter, and if gravy is not thick enough, thicken it with a small spoon of flour and water, made smooth. Pour it over the chicken and dumplings.

Pressed Chicken

Stew slowly 2 chickens, cut up small, until the meat drops from the bones; then take out and chop fine. Let the liquor boil down to a cup full. Add to it butter the size of an egg, a teaspoon of pepper, little allspice, and a beaten egg; stir through the meat; slice a hard-boiled egg, lay in your mould and press in the meat. When served, garnish with celery tops, or sprigs of parsley.

Chicken With Oysters

Mrs. M. M. Hale, Sandwich, Ill.

Cut a couple of chickens in small pieces, boil till tender. Take out and fry in butter (or use part lard.) To the liquor they were boiled in add pepper and salt to taste, a spoon of butter, flour to thicken, a quart of oysters, and some milk if liked. Boil up and pour over the chicken in a large platter.

Giblet Stew

When stewing chickens, remove giblets and serve for lunch as follows: Add a cup of the cream gravy to the giblets, with 2 or 3 cups of cold, boiled potatoes cut into 1/2 inch squares. Add a cup of milk, heat slowly. Season with salt and pepper, pour into a dish, and put I or 2 sprigs of parsley on the edge.

For chicken salad, see "SALADS."