Filling For Boned Chicken Or Turkey

Use 2/3 as much force-meat, as the fowl weighs. Lean veal, and lean fresh pork chopped fine, and for each pound, take 1 whole egg, 1 teaspoon of cloves and allspice mixed, 1 teaspoon salt. Instead of the veal, another fowl's flesh may be used. After the bones have all been removed, put them in cold water with a bunch of sweet herbs, an onion stuck with 6 or 8 cloves, a carrot and turnip sliced. Let boil, add salt, skim carefully. Prepare the fowl by laying it flat down, spread on a layer of force-meat, then strips of fat pork and the liver, then a layer of mushrooms. Then run a string around the edges of the chicken and draw it up like a wallet. Having sewed up the ends, then sew the cut that was first made down the back. Then roll it up in a tight bundle in a towel. Tie the ends like a sack of flour and tie 2 or 3 tapes around the middle as tight as you possibly can. Boil in the above liquor, adding water sufficient to cover it, allowing 1/2 an hour to the pound. Take out of the towel, wipe off, wrap in a clean towel and lay on a platter, put another over and place a weight on. Use the remaining liquor for soup. The easiest fowl to bone is a year-old turkey.

Smothered Chicken

Cut the chicken open at the back after dressing it. Sprinkle with salt, and pepper, and little lumps of butter. Put in a baking-pan, cover with another pan, and bake 1 hour. Baste often with butter.

Fricasseed Chicken

Cut every joint separate, the back in 2 pieces, and the breast in 3 or more. Stew only in water enough to cover, until the meat is very tender. There should be about a teacup of water in the pot. Mix a heaping teaspoon of flour with a cup of milk, add, and let boil up. Season with salt and pepper, and take up on a platter. You may put in 2 slices of salt pork cut in strips half an hour before serving, if the flavor is liked. If a brown fricassee is wanted, pour *10 the greater part of the liquor off just before the chicken is done, and add a lump of butter, and let the pieces fry brown in the pot.

Fried Chicken

Cut 2 young chickens at the joints. Roll in flour that is salted and peppered, and fry slowly in hot butter and lard, until browned on both sides. When done take out on a hot platter and pour a pint of cream or milk into the frying-pan. Thicken with 1 spoon of flour made smooth with 2 of the milk. Let boil up and pour over the chickens. If preferred, serve the gravy in a separate dish.

Chicken Stew

Cut a chicken up small. Boil till tender; make a thickening of 1 or 2 tablespoons of flour and milk, using a pint of rich milk, or cream, if it is to be had. Season well with butter, pepper, and salt. Have ready in a tureen, some fresh soda or baking powder biscuits broken in halves. Pour some of the gravy over them, and reserve the remainder to serve with the fowl in a platter. Be sure and have plenty of gravy; it will all be wanted.

Brunswick Stew

One chicken or 2 squirrels cut up small with \ pound of bacon, cut small, put into 6 quarts of water. Cook tender, then separate the meat from the bones. Return the meat to the pot, adding more water if necessary. Then add the following vegetables, measured after they are prepared: 1 pint tomatoes, peeled and cut fine. 1 pint potatoes, peeled and cut fine. 1/2 pint corn, grated or cut and scraped. 1/2 pint butter beans. 1/2 a lemon, juice, and grated peel. Stew until done. Season with butter, pepper, and salt, and stir carefully to keep from burning. Serve hot.