How To Preserve Eggs

Take a colander full at a time of new-laid eggs, and pour over them a tea-kettle full of boiling water. The heat of the water cooks the white of the egg sufficiently to keep out the air. I have known of eggs being used in midwinter, that were put up in the summer in this way. They should be kept in a cool place, and may be put away in boxes or baskets, or any convenient receptacle.

Another method is, to dip each egg in gum-arabic water, or in melted grease. In either case, a coating is formed on the shell, rendering it air-tight.

I have kept eggs three months in an egg case, with no preparation whatever. Close contact would have spoiled them.

How To Color Eggs For Easter

Wind strips of bright-colored calico around the eggs, and then boil in lye; you will find them gayly colored. To color them yellow, boil with onion skins.

Boiled Eggs

Use a wire egg-boiler for boiling eggs; 3 minutes cooks the white about right for soft-boiled eggs. If put into cold water and let remain to a boiling point, they are cooked more evenly than by plunging into hot water at first. And it is further recommended to pour boiling water on the eggs and set the vessel on the hearth for 5 minutes.

Scrambled Eggs

Put a tablespoon of butter in a frying-pan. When hot put in the requisite number of eggs beaten lightly. Pepper and salt them, and add half a cup of milk to a dozen eggs. Stir constantly, and as soon as they begin to set, take off and pour out. They must not be hard.

Fried Eggs

Butter some gem irons and break an egg in each one and set in the oven, after seasoning with salt and pepper. Will cook in a very short time.

Fried Ham And Eggs

Freshen the ham, if it requires it, by putting it on the stove in cold water, and pouring off as soon as it comes to a scald. Fry the ham in its own fat, then fry the eggs afterward in the same. Dish up on the same platter.

Broiled Ham And Eggs

Broil thin slices of ham. Put a bit of butter on each slice when done. Poach the eggs in water, and lay one neatly on each piece of ham.

Poached Eggs

Set some muffin rings in boiling water. Break each egg in a ring, and it will take the form of the ring, and be much more pleasing to the eye than the old way.

Steamed Eggs

Butter a tin plate and break in your eggs. Set in a steamer, place over a kettle of boiling water and steam till the whites are cooked. If broken into buttered patty-pans they look nicer, by keeping their forms better. Or still better, if broken into egg-cups and steamed until done, they are very nice. Cooked in this way, there is nothing of their flavor lost.

Baked Eggs

Take a large platter. Break on it as many eggs as you need for your meal, sprinkle over with salt, pepper, and lumps of butter. Set in the oven, and in about 5 minutes the whites will be set and the eggs sufficiently cooked. A handy way on washing or ironing days, when the top of the stove is all in use.