Sweet Potato Pie With One Crust

Boil potatoes tender. Line a pie-dish with good! pie-paste, slice potatoes to cover the bottom, sprinkle with sugar, a light sprinkling of flour, and a pinch of salt; then another similar layer with bits of butter dotted over. Fill the dish with milk, flavor with nutmeg, and bake with one crust.

Pine-Apple Pie

1 small pine-apple, grated.

2 tablespoons butter.

1 cup sweet cream. 1/2 cup sugar. .

3 yolks of eggs.

Mix well and bake in under crust only. Beat the whites to a stiff froth with 1/2 cup fine sugar for a meringue.

Banana Pie

Make nearly like first recipe for sweet potato pie. Slice the bananas raw, sprinkle with sugar, butter, 1/2 teaspoon allspice and boiled cider or jelly. Cover with crust and bake.

Orange Pie

1 orange, juice, grated rind. 1 cup sugar.

1 cup water; yolk of 1 egg.

2 tablespoons corn starch.

Bake with one crust, and frost with white of egg and tablespoon sugar.

Orange Pie

Mrs. M. A. Smith.

One large or two small oranges, grated rind and juice, yolks of 3 eggs beaten with I cup sugar. Mix this with orange and add I cup milk or cream. Bake till the pie-paste is done. Beat the whites with 3 tablespoons sugar and put on top and brown.

Raisin Pie

Mrs. E. B. Baldwin.

One cup raisins - seeded. Stew until soft. Thicken with flour, like gravy. Sweeten to the taste and bake with two crusts.

Raisin Pie

Mrs. M. M. Jones, Nashville, Tenn.

1 cup layer raisins, stoned - left whole.

1 whole egg and yolk of another.

3/4 cup brown sugar, beaten with the eggs.

Lay the raisins on the crust, dredge with flour, and pour the mixture over. Bake in one crust. Then take the remaining white with 2 tablespoons pulverized sugar for icing. Brown lightly. More eggs will improve it.

Service-Berry Pie

Mr. Wm. H. Rochester, Bowling Green, Ky.

To 1/2 gallon service-berries put a pint of gooseberries to give a tart taste. Stew them together in water, but they do not require any sugar. Bake with 2 crusts.

Cranberry Tart Pie

Stew cranberries - allowing a pint of sugar and a pint of water to a quart of berries. Line a pie-plate with paste. Fill with the stewed berries. Put narrow strips of pie-crust across the top. A quart should make 2 good pies. Make with full upper crust, if preferred.

Currant Pie

This fruit makes the best pie when green. The main thing is to put in sugar enough. Dredge with a small handful of flour and put in about 2 tablespoons water. Bake with 2 crusts, 15 or 20 minutes.

English Currant Pie

Take large English currants, cleanse carefully, and stew in plenty of water. Sweeten, and thicken with flour till of the consistency of rich cream. Bake with 2 crusts. A very good pie in the spring when pie material is scarce.