Mixed Pickles

Three hundred small cucumbers, 4 large green peppers, sliced fine, 2 large heads cauliflower, 3 heads white cabbage shredded fine, 2 quarts small onions, 1 quart or more small string beans, cut in inch pieces, 1 quart small, green tomatoes, sliced. Put this all in a pretty strong brine 24 hours. Drain 3 hours, then sprinkle in 1/4 pound black and 1/4 pound white mustard seed, 1 tablespoon black ground pepper. Let the whole come to a boil in just enough vinegar to cover, with a little alum put in. Drain, and when cold mix a pint of ground mustard as for table use and put in. Cover the whole with good cider vinegar.

Pickled String Beans

Author's Recipe.

Boil in water a little salt till just a trifle tender. Drain very carefully. Put into glass cans, and after filling them stand them upside down to be sure and get out all the water. Then cover with hot vinegar flavored as you please. Seal up hot, and you will have one of the most palatable pickles you ever ate in midwinter. They may be steamed instead of boiled. It is not strictly necessary to salt them.

Pickled Walnuts

Take white walnuts, fresh and tender; put them in salt and water for 3 days, then put in the sun till they turn black. Use the proportion of 1/2 pound mustard seed, 2 ounces pepper, 1/2 ounce cloves, 1/2 ounce mace, ounce nutmeg, and a good stalk of horse-radish, and boiled in 4 quarts vinegar. Cover the walnuts closely and let them remain 3 or 4 weeks. Pour off the liquid for catsup, if desired, and bottle it, covering the walnuts again with cold vinegar.

Pickled Lemons

Six lemons put into brine that will bear an egg. Let remain 6 days, stirring every day. Then boil 15 minutes in 2 quarts water (boiling when put in). Remove and put into a cloth till cold. Boil up sufficient vinegar to cover the lemons, allowing to each quart 2 teaspoons - scant - cloves, same of white pepper, 1 teaspoon - scant - mace, 1 tablespoon bruised ginger, same of mustard seed, a few scrapings of horse-radish root, and a clove of garlic. Pour over boiling hot; tie down securely. They will not be fit for use for nearly a year.