"From the hand to the mouth the soup is often lost." - Trans, fr. Fr.


Fried Oysters

"An oyster may be crossed in love." - Sheridan.

Petits Bouchees, Aux Salpicon

"Such dainties to men, their health it might hurt,

It's like sending- them ruffles when wanting a shirt." - Goldsmith.

Deviled Crabs, In Shells

" He must have a long spoon that must eat with the Devil." - Comedy of Errors.

Cold - Roast Turkey. Ox Tongue

"There's cold meat in the cave, I browse on that." - Cymbcline.

Caneton Desosse. Galantine De Volaille

Cap. - What's there? 1st Serv. - Things for the cook, sir; I know not what. - Romeo and Juliet.

Pain De Gibier, Aux Truffes

"Ay! That way goes the game." - Tempest.

Mayonnaise Of Shrimps

"This sort were well fished for".

Charlotte Russe. Vanilla Ice Cream

"These trifles will lead to serious mischief." "You are the vanilla of society".

- Horace. - Sydney Smith.

Assorted Cakes

" Would'st thou both eat thy cake and have it." - Herbert.

Malaga Grapes

" Meaning thereby that grapes were made to eat and lips to open." - As you like it.


"The cups that cheer, but do not inebriate." - Cowper.

"Night wears away, and morn is near, the stars are high, two-thirds of night are past; The greater part, - and scarce a third remains." - Bryant.

" On with the dance 1 let joy be unconfined; no sleep till mom, when youth and pleasure meet." - Byron. January 13, 1888.