"A corespondence was going on some time ago in the pages of the World, between Theoc, the Parisian correspondent of that journal, and another, as to the French for ' prawn.' Theoc stated, and rightly, that the French for prawn is bouquet. Bouquet, according to Littrd, is the diminutive oibouc - a goat, from the appearance of this shell-fish. It Is Usual, However, In French Restaurant Bills Of Fare To Prefix' The Word Crevettes, Thus: Crevetles Bouquet, though, to be grammatically correct, it should be written Crevelies-Bouquets. It is from Brittany that red shrimps (in contradistinction to gray shrimps) are chiefly procured. In Paris these fetch a high price, about double that paid for the dull-colored variety, than which they are much less flavored. Shrimps here are called chevrettes, or ' little goats.' The word clievettes is derived from chevrettes, just as bouquets, or prawns, is derived from bouc-etles, or ' little rams.' Shrimps and prawns alike are boiled in large quantities daily, and sent up to Paris in time for the morning's markets, by the special fish, or maree, train".