Twas at college first I met him, There competing for a prize;

And he gave his deep oration. All his soul within his eyes.

Twas a masterpiece, in Latin, Full of feeling, fire and thought,

Rich with wild poetic fancies Thro' the phrases interwrought.

And his proud young face shone on me And his clear young voice rang loud,

Leaving in my ear an echo O'er the plaudits of the crowd.

Thus I listened, thrilled, enraptured, Hung on every ringing tone.

Till the heart within my bosom Beat for him, and him alone!

On my breast I wore his colors, Love's sweet tribute to his fame;

And while thinking of him ever To my heart I called his name.

And we met again - 'twas summer, I had waited long and well.

I was down beside the seashore, Stopping at the Grand Hotel.

Seated all alone at dinner,

Wrapped in serious thought was I, When a voice, so deep and tender,

Murmured, "Peach or lemon pie?"

Then I looked up, pale and trembling, There "he" stood within my sight.

In a waiter's badge all shining, And a waiter's apron white.

He had hired there for the summer,

And his wild, poetic heart Now was strugling through the maze'

Of a dinner a la carte.

So I turned me coldly from him, With a sad and sobbing sigh;

After all my weary waiting All I said was "Lemon pie I"

That lady went back the next year and found he had become a majestic headwaiter like this:

"Mrs. De Timid (at Grand Hotel table) - I beg pardon, but didn't you say you were presented to the queen during your tour abroad?

Prima Donna - 'Yes madam'.

'And you spoke of other experiences of a like nature'.

'I was presented to several of the crowned heads of Europe, talked with many of the great generals and noted diplomats and was granted an audience'.

'Weren't you scared?'

'Not at all'.

'Then if you are not afraid, I wish you would tell the headwaiter that this salt box is empty'.

In The White Mountains 7