Saddle Of Mutton ( Baked Or Roasted In The Oven )

Bake or roast the same as a leg, ten minutes to every pound of meat.

Shoulder Of Mutton

This maybe roasted plain, or have the bone taken out, and the space filled with a bread stuffing, the same as for poultry. Bake fifteen minutes to every pound.

Broiled Chops

Chops are broiled exactly the same as beefsteak, trimming off most of the fat before broiling. Serve plain with butter, pepper and salt, or with tomato sauce.

French chops are broiled in the same manner, decorating the bones with paper quillings.

Breaded Chops

Broil French chops ten minutes, turning them very often. Take them from the broiler, baste with melted butter, season with salt and pepper; let them stand ten minutes. Then dip them in beaten egg, roll in bread crumbs, and fry in boiling fat. Fill the bottom of a meat dish with tomato sauce, slip the paper quillings over the end of the bones, and arrange the chops nicely in the sauce. Garnish with parsley, and serve very hot.

Breaded Chops With Puree Of Potatoes

Broil and bread the chops as directed in preceding recipe. Have ready six boiled potatoes, mash them fine, add a half-cup of boiling cream, one teaspoonful of salt, one table-spoonful of butter, and a dash or two of pepper; beat over the fire until light. Place in the centre of a heated dish, stand the chops around it, trim each bone with paper quillings, and serve very hot.

Broiled Chops With Potato Puree

Broil French chops as directed. Put a tablespoonful of potato puff mixture on each chop, and place in a baking-pan. Brown in a quick oven, decorate the bones with papers, garnish with parsley and serve immediately, or the potato will fall.

Mutton En Papillote

1/2 pound sausage meat Yolk of one egg

6 loin cutlets 1 onion

2 tablespoonfuls of butter

Put one tablespoonful of the butter in a frying-pan, and when hot, brown the cutlets on both sides. Take them out, season with salt and pepper. Add the remainder of the butter to the frying-pan, the onion cut into slices, and the sausage meat; stir over the fire for fifteen minutes. When done, take from the fire, add the yolk of the egg and a tablespoonful of chopped parsley. Cut six pieces of white paper in a heart-like shape, large enough to hold one cutlet each. Put a tablespoonful of the mixture on one side of the paper; put a cutlet on top of this, then another spoonful of the mixture on top of that, fold the other half of the paper over all. The edges should then be folded together tightly one over the other. Place them in a hot oven for fifteen minutes. Serve in the papers with Bechamel sauce.

Curry Of Mutton

1 pint of finely chopped mutton 1 tablespoonful of butter 1 tablespoonful of flour

1/2 cupful of rice 1 tablespoonful curry powder 2 quarts boiling water

Salt to taste

Wash the rice and put it in the boiling water; let it boil thirty-five minutes. Drain in a colander. Now put the butter in a frying-pan; when melted, add the flour and stir until smooth; add a half-pint of boiling water; let boil up once, then add meat, curry and salt. Stir ten minutes. Now heap it in the centre of a meat dish, and put the rice around, in a border. Brush all over with beaten egg, and place in the oven a few minutes to brown.