Irish Stew

3 pounds of the neck of mutton

4 potatoes, cut into dice 4 good-sized onions

2 quarts of water

Salt and pepper to taste

Cut the meat into small pieces, cover with the water, which should be boiling, add the onions sliced and simmer gently for three hours. About half an hour before the meat is done add the potatoes. Season with salt and pepper, and, if you like it, the beaten yolk of an egg. Serve.

Dumplings may be added the same as in stew of beef with dumplings.

Haricot Of Mutton

2 pounds of loin chops

2 onions

1 bay leaf

1 tablespoonful of mushroom catsup 1 stalk of celery

1 turnip 1 carrot

1 tablespoonful of flour 1/2 pint of water or stock 1 tablespoonful of butter Salt and pepper

Put the butter in a frying-pan and, when very hot, fry the chops brown on both sides; take them up, and add the flour to the butter remaining in the pan; mix, and add the stock or water; stir constantly until it boils. Then put the chops back, add the onions cut into slices, salt, pepper, the celery cut into small pieces, and the catsup. Stand over a slow fire to simmer for three-quarters of an hour. Cut the carrot and turnip into slices, then into fancy shapes with vegetable cutters; cover them with boiling water, boil ten minutes; drain, and add them, with the bay leaf, to the meat, and allow them to simmer with the meat the full time it is cooking. When done, add one tablespoonful of sherry, if you use it, and serve very hot.

Sheep's Head Hash

Clean a sheep's head, according to directions for cleaning calf's head, then put it on to stew with the liver and heart well washed, add one onion, and simmer gently one and a half hours. When done, take out and stand away to cool. When cold, take all the meat from the head, chop it with the heart and liver very fine. Now put them into a stew-ing-pan, add one large tablespoonful of butter, and one pint of water, or liquor in which they were boiled, salt and pepper; let stew up once, and serve with squares of toast around the dish.

Dressed Sheep's Head

A sheep's head may be dressed the same as a calf's head, using two heads instead of one calf's head.

Sheep's Tongue

Fresh sheep's tongues may be braised the same as beef's tongue, using one dozen for the recipe given.

How To Boil Salt Or Smoked Sheep's Tongues

Wash one dozen sheep's tongues, and soak them over night in cold water. In the morning, put them in a kettle of cold water and bring them slowly to a boil; skim all the scum from the top, and simmer two hours. When done, skin and serve around a bed of kale or spinach.