6 sheep's kidneys 1/4 pound of bacon 1 tablespoonful of butter

Cut each kidney through the centre lengthwise, remove the white veins and fat. Wash well in cold water, cover with boiling water and let stand five minutes, then wipe them dry. Cut the bacon into slices, and then into pieces the size of a half-kidney. Place one piece of kidney on a skewer, then a piece of bacon, then kidney, and so on, allowing about three pieces of bacon and two pieces of kidney to each skewer. Place them on a broiler, baste with the butter, and broil over a clear fire five minutes. Dust lightly with salt and pepper and serve on the skewers. These make a very nice breakfast relish.

Sheep Kidneys En Brochette No. 2

Cut six sheep's kidneys nearly through without dividing, take out the white veins, wash and scald the same as in preceding recipe. Wipe them dry, and baste them with melted butter. Run a small skewer through each kidney in such a way as to keep the halves partly open. Broil them over a clear fire for about five minutes, take them carefully from the skewers, dust them lightly with salt and pepper, fill the centres with Bearnnaise sauce, and serve immediately.