Veal is divided, the same as mutton, into fore and hind quarters; the fore quarter is sub-divided into loin, breast, shoulder, and neck; the hind, into leg and loin.

Chops are cut from the loin, and the leg is used for cutlets and fillets. The fillet is a solid piece cut from the leg, also called a cushion, and does not correspond with the fillet of beef.

Do not buy veal that is too young, as it is not only unwholesome, but dangerous. It may be known by the small and tender bones; the flesh has a bluish tinge and a soft, flabby appearance. A calf should not be killed until it is two months old, then the flesh is firm, with a pinkish tinge, and the bones are hard.

The loin, shoulder, fillet, and breast are used for roasting. The knuckle, which is the lower part of the leg after the cutlets are taken off, and the neck, are used for soups, stews and pies.

Roast Loin Of Veal

Wipe the loin, place it in a baking-pan, dredge it with pepper, add a teaspoonful of salt and cup of water to the pan, place in a very quick oven for fifteen minutes; then cool the oven somewhat by closing the drafts, or lifting a lid off the stove if necessary, and roast slowly fifteen minutes for every pound of veal, basting frequently, at first with the water in the pan, and afterwards with its own gravy. Veal must be well done to be eatable. When done, make a gravy the same as roast beef.

Stuffed Breast Of Veal For The Stuffing

1 cup of bread crumbs 1 teaspoonful of sweet marjoram

1/4 pound of salt pork 1 teaspoonful of thyme 1 teaspoonful of salt

2 dashes pepper

Chop the pork very fine, add it and all the other ingredients to the bread crumbs. Wipe a breast of veal with a damp towel; make long gashes between the ribs, and fill with this stuffing. Place it in a baking-pan, and roast and finish the same as the loin.

Roast Shoulder Of Veal

Have the butcher remove the bone from the shoulder, fill the space from which the bone was taken with a stuffing made the same as for the breast; pin the meat together with a skewer to prevent the stuffing from coming out, and roast the same as in preceding recipes.

Grenadines Of Veal

These are made the same as grenadines of beef.

A Breakfast Relish

Cut a cutlet of veal into pieces about two inches square, and season with salt and pepper. Dip first into beaten egg, then into chopped mushrooms. Put two tablespoonfuls of butter in a frying-pan, and, when hot, fry the cutlets until brown. Make a brown sauce the same as for veal cutlets, pour over the squares, and serve.

Veal Croquettes

Veal croquettes are made precisely the same as chicken croquettes, using chopped veal and leaving out the sweetbreads (calf's brains may be added in their place), and, if made carefully, good judges can scarcely discern the difference.

I remember upon one occasion my college class prepared a supper, from a limited sum of money, for the remainder of the students, numbering nearly two hundred. As our purse would not warrant chicken, and we must have croquettes, we used for them a leg of veal, boiled with one lonely chicken; and the croquettes were pronounced excellent by all, one gentleman asking for one to take home to his wife, that she might taste a perfect chicken croquette.