It would, indeed, be a difficult task to add to what has already been given in modern bills of fare, but the few following may be of use in small and less pretentious families: -


Oat Meal Mush with Whipped Cream

Broiled Steak Stewed Potatoes

Quick Muffins




Fried Indian Mush, Maple Syrup Cecils of Cold Meat Saratoga Potatoes

Flannel Cakes

Cocoa Fruit in Season

Breakfast (Spring)

Small Hominy Boiled in Milk

Lamb Chops, Broiled Lyonnaise Potatoes

Gems Coffee

Orange Salad

Breakfast (Spring)

Flannel Cakes Coffee

Fried Chicken, Cream Sauce

Scalloped Potatoes Salad with French Dressing

Breakfast In Lent

Oat Meal Mush with Whipped Cream Broiled Oysters Beauregard Eggs


Coffee or Chocolate


Breakfast (Summer)

Strawberries without Stemming Broiled Tomatoes, Cream Gravy New Potatoes, Boiled

Cheese Ramakins Rolls




Orange Sherbet Served in Orange Skins

Fish a la Reine in Paper Cases

Chicken Croquettes French Peas

Terrapin with Saratoga Potatoes

Boned Chicken

Wafers Cheese

Montrose Pudding

Black Coffee


Roman Punch Served in Ice Tumblers

Sweetbreads a la Creme Served in Paper Cases

Partridges on Toast

Salmon Croquettes, Sauce Hollandaise

Cheese Ramakins

Charlotte Russe

Black Coffee

Julienne Soup

Oysters a la Creme

Roast Lamb, Mint Sauce Peas New Potatoes

Lettuce, French Dressing

Crackers and Cheese

Black Coffee

Dinner (Summer)

Tomato Soup with Croutons Boiled Sheep's Head, Sauce Hollandaise

Fillet of Beef with Mushroom Sauce

Potatoes Peas Corn in the Husk

Tomato Salad

Cheese and Wafers

Strawberry Bavarian Cream

Dinner (Autumn)

Puree of Beans

Stuffed Cabbage with Cream Sauce

Roast Chicken, Giblet Sauce

Mashed Potatoes Stewed Tomatoes Rice Croquettes

Celery with Mayonnaise

Cheese Fingers

Wigwam Pudding

Black Coffee

Dinner (Winter)

Oysters on the Half Shell


Cream Macaroni

Boiled Leg of Mutton, Caper Sauce Currant Jelly

Mashed Potatoes Peas Cauliflower

Lettuce with French Dressing

Water Crackers Neufchatel

Lemon Sponge

Black Coffee


Fried Chicken Waffles

Stuffed Potatoes

Sliced Tomatoes Sardines


Iced Tea