Veal Stock

2 knuckles of veal 5 quarts of cold water 1 tablespoonful of salt 1 onion 1 carrot

1 bay leaf 1 turnip Stalk of celery Sprig of parsley 4 cloves

1 blade of mace

Wipe the knuckles with a damp towel and have the bones cracked. Put them into a soup kettle with cold water and salt. Place on a moderate fire and bring slowly to a boil; skim. Now simmer gently for four hours. Clean the vegetables and add them and all the other ingredients to the soup and simmer one hour longer. Strain and it is ready to use.

White Stock

Skeletons of yesterday's chickens

3 pounds of veal

1 pound of ham

Sprig of parsley

1 bay leaf

1 small onion

2 quarts of water

1 tablespoonful of salt

Put the skeletons, veal, ham and water in a soup kettle, place over a moderate fire, bring it slowly to a boil. Skim carefully. Now simmer gently two hours. Add the parsley, bay leaf, onion and salt. Simmer one hour longer. Strain and put in a cold place to cool. When cold remove the fat and it is ready to use.

Cream Of Asparagus Soup

1 bunch of asparagus

1 quart of milk

2 even tablespoonfuls of corn starch or flour

1 tablespoonful of butter

Salt and pepper to taste

Wash the asparagus, tie it in a bunch, put it in a sauce-pan of boiling water. Boil gently three-quarters of an hour.

Take it from the water, cut off the tops, put them aside until wanted. Put the milk on to boil in a farina boiler.

Press the asparagus stalks through a colander, add them to the milk. Rub the butter and corn starch or flour together until smooth, add to the boiling milk and stir constantly, until it thickens. Now add the asparagus tops, salt and pepper and serve.

Canned asparagus may be used when you cannot get the fresh. One quart can will be sufficient. This soup may be varied by using one pint of veal or white stock and one pint of milk, instead of the one quart of milk.

Cream Of Barley Soup

2 tablespoonfuls of barley 1 pint of milk Yolks of two eggs

1 pint of veal or white stock Salt and pepper to taste

Scald the barley, drain, cover with fresh boiling water and boil three hours. Strain. Put the milk and stock on to boil, add the barley, salt and pepper. Beat the yolks lightly, put them in the soup tureen, pour over the boiling soup and serve at once.

Cream Of Celery Soup

3 roots of celery

1 quart of milk

1 tablespoonful of butter

2 tablespoonfuls of flour

1 pint of water

Salt and pepper to taste

A piece of onion the size of a silver quarter

Wash the celery and cut it into small pieces. Cover it with the water and boil thirty minutes; then press it through a colander. Put the milk on to boil in a farina boiler, add to it the water and celery that was pressed through the colander, also the onion. Rub the butter and flour together, and stir into the boiling soup, and stir constantly until it thickens. Add salt and pepper and serve at once. This may be varied same as cream of asparagus soup.