Vermicelli Soup

Two quarts of beef stock, One teaspoonful of salt, Dash of cayenne pepper, One cupful of vermicelli, One-half saltspoonful of pepper.

Cook the vermicelli in boiling water about fifteen minutes; drain; heat the stock boiling hot; season with salt and pepper; add the vermicelli, and serve. The vermicelli may be broken or left whole, according to fancy.

Macaroni Soup

One quart of stock, One teaspoonful of salt.

Two sticks of macaroni, One-half saltspoonful of pepper.

Break the macaroni into small pieces; drop into boiling salted water and cook rapidly until the macaroni is tender; drain and allow the cold water to run over it; cut into one-fourth-inch pieces; heat the stock boiling hot; season with pepper and salt; add the macaroni, and serve.


Butter and cut into one-half-inch dice a slice of stale bread one-half inch in thickness; toast until nicely browned; serve with soup.

Force-Meat Balls Of Cooked Meat

One cup of cooked meat, One teaspoonful of chopped parsley, One teaspoonful of lemon juice, One-half teaspoonful of salt,

One-half saltspoonful of pepper, Yolk of one egg, One tablespoonful of butter, One tablespoonful of flour, A few drops of onion juice.

Chop the meat very fine; add the seasoning; add the yolk of the egg, beaten, and mix until smooth. Make into balls the size of a nutmeg; roll in flour; put butter in omelet pan; when brown put in the balls and cook until brown; shake the pan occasionally to prevent burning.

Egg Balls

Boil three eggs twenty minutes; put them in cold water and when cool remove the shells; cut carefully through the white and remove the yolks whole; cut into quarters and serve in soup, or rub yolks to a smooth paste; add one teaspoonful of melted butter; one saltspoonful of salt; a speck of pepper. Moisten with the beaten white or yolk of one raw egg, using enough to shape easily; shape into balls about the size of a nutmeg; roll in flour and fry in butter until brown, or drop into the hot soup and cook five minutes.


Fowl, three pounds, Two large onions, Three stalks of celery. One tablespoonful of curry powder, Five tablespoonfuls of flour,

One-half teaspoonful of pepper,

Veal, three pounds.

One small carrot

Four tablespoonfuls of butter.

Two teaspoonfuls of salt,

Five quarts of water.

Cut the veal into small pieces; dress the fowl as if for roasting: put into the soup kettle; add the water; cover and let come to the boiling point; simmer for four hours, or until the fowl is tender; remove the fowl from the kettle; put butter or chicken fat into a saucepan; cut vegetables very fine; cook in the butter fifteen minutes; skim the vegetables out of the fat and add them to the soup; to the fat add the flour and cook until brown; then add the curry powder; add the whole to the soup, and cook for two hours; season with salt and pepper, then strain and skim; remove skin and bone from the chicken; cut into small pieces; return the soup to the soup kettle after straining; add the chicken, and simmer gently for thirty minutes; serve with boiled rice.

Note. - To skim soup when you cannot allow it to stand until cold. Pour the soup into a bowl just large enough to hold it; set the bowl on a plate or in another vessel and fill until it runs over; let stand two or three minutes, then slowly pour a little cold water in at one side and the fat will run over into the plate.