Braised Beef (No. 1). - New York Cooking-School

Ingredients: Six-pound loin of beef, half a pound of pork, three - fourths of a cupful of flour, two-ounce onion (one sraall onion), three-ounce carrot (half a large carrot), one-ounce tur-nip, one-third of a bunch of parsley, one sprig of thyme, two cloves, three allspice, six pepper-corns, half of a bay-leaf.

Trim the beef into a shapely piece; stick a knife quite through different portions of it, in which apertures press slices or lardoons of pork, half an inch square, and three or four inches long. Tie the beef into shape with twine. Lay scraps of pork on the bottom of a saucepan, place it on a brisk fire, and when hot put in the beef; brown it all over by turning the different sides to the bottom of the uncovered saucepan. It will take about half an hour to brown it. Now sprinkle over the beef three-fourths of a cupful of flour (three ounces), also the vegetables and spices; and brown all this by again turning the meat over the fire. When they are of fine color, pour over a tumblerful of claret, which reduce to half; then fill the saucepan with boiling stock or water; cover it tightly, and place it in a hot oven for two and a half hours. When donc, put the beef on a hot platter.

Strain the sauce in which the beef was cooked, take off every particle of fat, season with more sait, if necessary; pour about half a cupful of it over the beef in the platter, and serve the remainder in a sauce-boat.

The beef may be surrounded with green pease, prepared as follows: Wash a can of American pease in cold water, then put them over the fire with half a cupful of boiling water, salt, pep-per, one ounce of butter, and one salt-spoonful of sugar. When the pease have simmered a minute, strain them from their liq-uor, and place them in the platter around the beef.

Braised Beef (No. 2)

The same cut which is used for an à-la-mode beef may be braised in the same manner as is described for a fillet of beef braised. This may be served with the gravy, as is there described, or with the addition of the jardinière of vegetables.

Braised Beef, With Horse-Radish Sauce

Braise five pounds of fresh beef (not too lean), with an onion and a carrot sliced, two or three sprigs of parsley, four or five cloves, a little celery, if you have it, pepper, salt, and about a quart of boiling water. Cover it tightly, and let it cook about three hours, replenishing with a little boiling water, if the steam escapes too much.

Sauce. - Simmer together for quarter of an hour half a cupful of grated cracker, half a cupful of grated horse-radish, one cupful of cream, a table-spoonful of the fat from the top of the water in which the beef is cooked, salt, and pepper.

Place the beef on the platter in which it is to be served, and pour the sauce around it. Garnish with parsley.