Canning Green Beans

String and break into one inch pieces, then proceed as in canning Peaches, substituting boiling water for syrup.

Canning Corn

9 cupfuls corn 1/2 cupful sugar

1/2 cupful salt 2 cupfuls water

Cut sweet corn from the cob, stir in with salt and sugar and boil twenty minutes. Pour into glass jars and seal as in canning fruits. After opening the corn for use, rinse in cold water to remove surplus salt.

Green Tomato Mince Meat

1 peck chopped green tomatoes 4 lbs. sugar 1 lb. raisins 1 lb. currants 1/4 lb. citron

2 tablespoonfuls cinnamon

1 tablespoonful cloves

2 tablespoonfuls salt

1 tablespoonful allspice 1/2 cupful butter

Put tomatoes through the food chopper to crush and loosen the juice, add all the other ingredients, cook until tender and can in glass jars, for use in winter.