Essence of cinnamon evaporating in a shallow dish is an agreeable disinfectant.

A little charcoal mixed with water thrown in a sink will deodorize it.

A small piece of charcoal should be placed inside the refrigerator to insure a sweet interior. It should also be placed in dark closets. Renew every week or two.

Put a piece of camphor gum in a saucer and apply a hot poker.

Put a few pieces of dried orange peel on a hot stove, or in an old tin can or shovel, and allow it to smoulder.

Broken pieces of pumice stone may be saturated with oil of lavender to create a pleasant odor in a room. Or a few drops of the oil may be dropped into a bowl of boiling water, letting it stand till cold.

Eau-de-cologne may be burned in an old iron spoon made red hot; or it may be poured over block ammonia placed in an earthen jar.

A little oil of sandalwood dropped on a hot shovel will impart a delightful fragrance to a room.

The odor of paint, and of tobacco smoke in a room may be dispelled by setting a dish of cold water in the room.

A dish of ground roasted coffee is one of the best preservatives to leave in cellar.

Lime Water

Put a piece of unslacked lime the size of an egg in an earthen vessel, pouring over it a quart of cold water. Allow it to stand a few hours, then filter it through clean white blotting paper. Pour it into a clean bottle, cork and keep in a cool dark place. A teaspoonful of lime water in a cupful of milk or water, almost destroys any deleterious substance there. It gives no unpleasant taste.

Scenting Linens

Underlinen is delightfully scented by placing broken orris root in the bureau drawers and hanging in small muslin bags in the closets.

A few drops of any preferred scent put on broken pumice stone and scattered through drawers and boxes, gives a delicious perfume.

Sachet powder mixed with powdered orris root in equal parts, preserves the fragrance much longer than by using sachet powder alone.

Pack away bed linen with leaves of dried rosemary or sweet lavender.


1/2 oz. bergamot 1/2 oz. English lavender

1/4 oz. oil of lemon 1/2 drachm neroli

1 quart alcohol

Filling A Rose Jar No. 1

Gather rose leaves in June, pack in a covered stone jar with alternate layers of salt, and keep in a dry cool place for a week after sufficient leaves are packed. Then turn out on a paper spread on a table, and mix very thoroughly. Add the following ingredients, mix well and put in the jar for six weeks before filling the rose jars. Leave rose jars uncovered for a short time only, as the perfume is easily exhausted.

1/2 oz. powdered violet 1/2 teaspoonful mace

1/2 oz. powdered rose 1/2 teaspoonful cloves

1/2 oz. powdered heliotrope 1/4 teaspoonful cinnamon

1 oz. powdered orris root 2 drachms pure alcohol

4 drops oil of roses 20 drops oil of eucalyptus

10 drops oil of neroli 10 drops oil of bergamot 20 drops oil of lavender

Filling Rose Jar No. 2

Gather rose leaves in June and put a layer in a covered stone jar, then add a layer of salt; spread thickly over this stick cinnamon and whole cloves; pour over these a pint of alcohol, cover and allow to remain one week, then mix and fill into rose jar.