1/4 cupful water 1 teaspoonful sugar

1 teaspoonful tartar emetic

Mix and place where ants congregate.

Wash a large sponge, press dry, then sprinkle with fine sugar and place where ants are thick. They will fill the sponge, which may be dropped in boiling water, squeezed out, and placed ready for them again.

A small cloth saturated with oil of sassafras will cause ants to leave.

Red Ants

Several ways of getting rid of red ants are good. Use whichever is easiest for you in your locality.

The sponge remedy given for ants is good.

1 teaspoonful paregoric with one-fourth cupful water is effective when sprinkled around.

Sugar well mixed with pulverized plaster of paris sprinkled about will drive them away.

Sprigs of fresh parsley laid around food will cause ants to disappear.

Rats And Mice

Put sprays of peppermint or peppermint essence where mice have been, and they will not return.

Or stuff pieces of sponge in holes where they enter.

Sprinkle sulphur about house and barn where rats come in, and they will be driven away.

To stuff the holes where they enter with soap sprinkled with cayenne pepper, will keep them out.


Mix one-half teaspoonful black pepper and one teaspoon-ful of sugar in one teaspoonful cream and put on a plate, and flies will disappear.

Two teaspoonfuls formaldehyde in two cupfuls of water poured into shallow dishes and set around tables where flies are troublesome, will destroy them.

A little bit of sassafras on a small cloth laid in an old baking powder or other can cover, will drive flies away.

Flies dislike mignonette, and they despise hop vines.


Cucumber peel scattered around the haunts of roaches and left over night, gets rid of the bugs.

Mix a dough of corn meal and strong borax solution, shape into little cakes and place on pantry shelves to feed roaches so they will refuse to return.

A weak solution of turpentine might be poured down water pipes once a week to keep water bugs away.


A little molasses put on their roosting places causes them to leave.


Blotting paper saturated with turpentine placed where moths are apt to work, will prevent their havoc.

Sassafras bark scattered among woolens and furs is a preventive of moths.

Saturate an old sheet with formaldehyde and hang in the closet containing moths, first stopping all possible cracks and keyhole, and leaving there for a day.

If moths get into carpets, draperies and furniture, use the just given formaldehyde cure.

Where moths are apt to injure carpets, boil a few camphor balls in water and sweep with a clean broom, dipping frequently in the mixture.

Or scatter powdered borax plentifully about.

An effective, quick way to rid carpets and furniture of moths, is to use an oil atomizer and spray them with one teaspoonful carbolic acid, mixed in one quart benzine.

Scent Bags To Hang In Closets

1/4 oz. ground cloves 1/4 oz. caraway seed 1 oz. dry salt

1/2 lb. lavender flowers 1/2 oz. dried thyme 1/2 oz. dried mint

Mix well and put in small bags in closets and among clothes. This mixture is said to be a preventive of moths.