The best is that which comes from Turkey, and is known by its superior good flavour; it is light, and the Beans are of a middling bigness, the colour tending much to grey, and ought to be roasted fresh for use: The French mostly roast it in flat earthen Pans, stirring continually till it is of a fine brown and high flavour; then smothered in Paper or a Linen Cloth: When roasted, in particular, it ought to be kept in a warm place. When you use it, boil the Water first, and according to the quantity of Cups wanted, put for each a Table-spoonful of ground Coffee or more; and as it rises in boiling, pour a little Water upon it: Many people do not clear it off to serve, and by that means it preserves its flavour the better. To make it clear, have a pair of red-hot tongs, and burn a bit of Sugar into the Pot, which will clear and settle it directly: If you would have in with Cream or Milk, you must make it much stronger than with Water, and it should be drained through a cloth. Coffee is also made by putting it into the Pot without Water, and on the Fire a moment, till it throws a great smoke; then the Water is poured upon it, and boiled a moment, Caffe au Lait, viz. with Milk, is very fashionable in France.