Dindon la Broche a differents Ragouts, Roasted Turkey with different Ragouts. Hen Turkies are mostly preferable to Cocks for whiteness and tenderness; the small fleshy ones are the most esteemed, and they ought to be kept as long as the weather will admit. Make a Forced-meat with the Liver chopped, Parsley, Shallots, scraped Lard, Yolks of Eggs, Pepper and Salt: When properly trussed, give the Turkey a few turns over the fire in a large Stew-pan with Butter; stuff the Farce under the Breast where the Craw was taken out, and roast it, with Lemon slices. upon the Breast to keep it white, slices of Lard, and double Paper: Serve with what Ragout you think proper, as Mushrooms, Morels, small Onions, or large Spanish ones, Girkins, small Melons, Cucumbers, Truffles, Green Peas, small Garden Beans, Endive, Cardoons, Roots of any sorts, Celery, Craw-fish, or any thing, according to the season.

Dindon Farci D'oignons & Petit Lard - Turkey Stuffed With Onions And Pickled Pork

Scald two dozen of small white Onions, and boil them in Broth, with half a pound of Pickled Pork cut into thin slices, a faggot of Parsley, green Shallots, Thyme, a Bay-leaf, two Cloves, whole Pepper and Salt: When done, drain them all, stuff the Turkey therewith, and wrap it in slices of Lard and Paper to roast: Make a Sauce with a bit of Butter, a slice of Ham, two Shallots, and a few Mushrooms; soak it awhile, then add two spoonfuls of Broth, and as much Cullis; simmer it about half an hour, skim it and sift it: When ready, add a small spoonful of Mustard, a little Pepper and Salt.

Dindon Au Pere Douillet

(See the same Name in Chicken Articles.)

Singe a Turkey over the Charcoal, and truss it as for boiling, the Legs within the Carcase; put it in a large Brazing-pan with slices of Fillet of Veal, a Knuckle, a good bit of Ham, a few slices of Beef, a large faggot of Parsley, green Shallots, one Laurel Leaf, Thyme, a little Basil, four Cloves, a little Broth, a pint of white Wine, Salt and Pepper; boil on a slow fire until the Turkey is done, then take it out, drain it, sift the Broth, and put it on the fire again with two raw Eggs, (the Shells bruised) and two or three slices of peeled Lemon; boil it, stirring en until it becomes clear, and sift it in a napkin jelly-cloth: Put the Turkey into a Pan much of its own bigness; boil five or six Craw-fish, lay them properly in the bottom of the pan, intermixed with green Parsley, and other Colours, put the Turkey upon this, Breast undermost, and pour the Jelly upon it. - When you want to use it, dip the Pan in warm Water, and turn it over gently upon a napkin: Garnish the Dish with Parsley.

Dindon En Galantine. Turkey Coloured

Cut a Turkey in two, and bone it thoroughly; make a good Farce with Bread of roasted Fowl, and every thing as already repeatedly directed; lay some of it upon each half pretty thick, then lay on minced Ham, Girkins, Truffles or Mushrooms, or both, Bacon cut into dice, hard Yolks of Eggs, White of Fowl, a few sweet Almonds, and Pistachio Nuts; cover these again with some of the Farce, roll up each half, wrap them in slices of Bacon and a piece of Stamine, or any thing else to keep them fast, and put them into a Brazing-pan much of their own bigness, with good Broth, half a pint of white Wine, slices of Veal and Beef, sweet Herbs, two or three Shallots, on clove of Garlick, three of Spices, Thyme and Laurel; braze them on a slow fire about three hours; let them cool in the Broth, to serve cold upon a napkin, or in slices. - It may also be done whole, and equally well.