Ragout De Salpicon - Forced-meat Ragout

This is a Mixture of several sorts of Meat cut into dice, such as Sweet-breads, fat Livers, Ham, Truffles, Mushrooms, etc. which you put all together into a Stew-pan, with a good bit of Butter, a faggot of sweet Herbs, two Cloves, and two or three Shallots; soak them some time, then add Veal Cullis, Broth, Pepper and Salt; simmer it till the Meat is done, and the Sauce much reduced; skim it well. You may serve this by itself, or with any sorts of brazed Meat. - Many more things may be added to this Ragout, as Beef - palates, Artichoke-bottoms, Cocks-combs, Lambs - stones, small Eggs, etc. etc. taking care to boil the hardest suffciently, before it is mixed with the rest; and that Breasts of roasted Poultry and Gir-kins chopped together, be in it only long enough to warm without boiling.

Ragout De Salpicon, A Farclr - Ragout For Stuffing Any Thing

This Salpicon, for a Farce, is used for brazing Poultry, or large pieces of Butchers Meat only: Make the same preparation as the first, which mix with raw Yolks of Eggs, scraped Lard, chopped Parsley, Shallots, Mushrooms, Pepper and Salt; and stuff what you propose with it.

Ragout De Salpicon A L'arlequine - Ragout Of Various Colours

Soak a good slice of Ham on the fire, until it is almost done, then cut it into small dice; cut one boiled Carrot, one Truffle, and a few Mushrooms, into dice likewise, and put all together into a Stew-pan, with a bit of Butter, a glass of white Wine, a little Gravy and Cullis; simmer thee a little while, then add chopped Breasts of roasted Poultry, Girkins, scalded Parsley, two Anchovies half soaked, a little Pepper, Salt if necessary, and a Lemon Squeeze; Serve with what kind of Meat you please.

Ragout De Foyes Gras - Ragout Of Fat Livers

Cut off the Gall, and scald them in hot Waters then simmer them about a quarter of an hour, with a slice of Ham, a bit of Butter, a Faggot, Mush-rooms, half a clove of Garlick, and two Leaves of Basil; add Broth and Cullis, and simmer on a slow fire; skim the Fat pretty often, reduce the Sauce rather thick, take out the Faggot and Ham, and add a Lemon Squeeze, Pepper, (and Salt, if the Ham does not make it Salt enough). - If you would use this Ragout with any large pieces of First-course Dishes, you, may add small Onions, Sweet-breads, Craw-fish Tails, or Roes of Carps: Or it will do equally well to servc alone with the last addition.

Ragout De Cretes - Ragout Of Cocks-combs

Scald the Combs in hot Water, and boil them in. Broth, with two slices of Lemon; prepare a few chopped Mushrooms, with a bit of Butter, a Faggot, a little Broth and Cullis; simmer them on a slow fire until they be done, take out the Faggot, skim the Sauce, reduce it pretty thick, and then put the Combs therein; season with Pepper and Salt, and add a Le-mon Squeeze. - If you would have them with a white Sauce, make a Liaison with Yolks of Eggs and Cream,, without Gravy or Cullis.