Of Artichokes, dried, or preserved. Follow the same method as is done for dried or preserved Kidney-beans, see Page 499, only observe, that they must be boiled sufficiently to take out the Hearts, or Hay. - Those that you preserve in Brine must be trimmed of the Leaves, as is commonly done when served fresh; and in those to dry, the Leaves must be stripped off; scald them in hot Water when you propose to use them, as is directed for Beans.

Artichauts A La Sauce Blanche - Artichokes With White Sauce

Trim the points of the Leaves with a pair of scissars, or a sharp Knife, and boil them in Water, Salt, and a bit of Butter; drain and take the Choaks out, and serve a white Sauce in them, made of Butter, a little Flour, Pepper, Salt, and a few drops of Verjuice, Vinegar, or Lemon-juice.

Artichauts En Feuillage. Artichokes With The Leaves

Scald them first in boiling Water a few minutes; then boil them in Broth, with a faggot of sweet Herbs, a few slices of Lard under them, and two or three Cloves; drain, and take the Choaks out as the first; pour a Cullis therein, mixed with Butter, Pepper, Salt, and a Lemon Squeeze.

Artichauts Frits - Fried Artichokes

Take young Artichokes, and cut them into quarters, or less pieces, according to the bigness; trim the Bottoms, both inside and outside, leaving only three or four of the tenderest Leaves; put them into fresh Water some time, after they are picked; drain them, and marinate about half an hour in Batter, made of Yolks of Eggs, Flour, and Salt; fry crisp in a very hot Friture, and serve fried Parsley for garnishing.-Another method is to braze them, after being trimmed according to this method, and dipped in good thick Wine Batter to fry.

Artichauts A La Glace, Ou En Crysteaux. Transparent Artichokes

Braze the Bottoms of Artichokes very tender, in a well-seasoned Braze; lay them on the Table-dish, pour a good clear Jelly over, sufficient to cover them, and let it cool; this first is called a la Glace, ou au Mi-roir: Otherwise let it cool first, and cut it into little rocky pieces, to put upon and round the Artichoke-bottoms; this last is called en Crysteaux, from its transparent Clearness.

Artichauts A La Barigoult

Barigoult Artichokes, (from the inventor's name.) Trim the Artichokes properly, boil them in plain Water till you can take the Choaks out, and drain them very well; have a Sauce prepared, with two Yolks of Eggs beat up with a spoonful of Oil, chopped Parsley, Shallots, Basil, Mushrooms, Chibol, Pepper and Salt; put the Artichokes into a Stew-pan, with a few thin slices of Lard under them, and a little Broth; and pour this Sauce to them, and braze on a slow Fire, both under and upon the Pan Cover: When done, pour a little Sauce into the Dish, made of Cullis, Butter, and a Lemon Squeeze, and pour also some of it upon the Artichokes.

A la Crème, white Liaison Sauce: Make a Sauce with bits of Fillet of Veal and Ham, Parsley, Shallots, two Cloves, a little Butter, and a few whole Mushrooms; soak it some time, then add a little Broth, simmer it about an hour, and sift in a Sieve; make a Liaison of two or three Yolks of Eggs and Cream, and add a Lemon Squeeze when ready, with Pepper and Salt; pour this upon the Artichoke-bottoms, being trimmed and brazed very tender.