Gigot De Mouton Au Militaire - Leg Of Mutton, Military Fashion

This is in the nature of a la Mode Beef, being cut in pieces, larded with large Lardons, and seasoned with proper Spices to preserve it for some time, as Military Gentlemen frequently carry it from place to place; which I presume is the reason of its being called au Militaire.

Gigot De Mouton Out Legumes - Leg Of Mutton With Roots Or Greens

Plain boiled and served with all sorts of Roots, either stewed, or boiled with the meat.

Gigot De Mouton Au Bacha - Leg Of Mutton, Turkish Fashion

Take up the Skin to the end, and lard the Meat all over with scalded Celery, Taragon, a few Anchovies, pickled Cucumbers, Lard and Ham, seasoned with a few Spices; fasten the Skin over, marinate the Leg in a little Oil, and paper it over to roast; serve with a Sauce Piqu'ante, as you will find in Sauce articles.

Gigot De Mouton A La St, Geran, Leg Of Mutton A La St. Geran, From The Inventor's Name

Bone a Leg of Mutton, without cutting the Skin, quite to the flump, which must be cut short; chop the Meat, and make a Stuffing of it, with a few slices of Ham, Suet, Mushrooms, Parsley, Cibol, and a triffle of Garlick; mix all together, with a few raw Yolks of Eggs, two spoonfuls of Brandy, a good quantity of Lard cut in dice, Pepper, Salt, and pounded Spices; (tuff this Farce into the Skin, and few it up as to appear whole, and in its proper form; boil it in Broth with half a pint of white Wine, a faggot of Parsley, one clove of Garlick, a few Cibols, three or four Cloves, Thyme, Laurel, and Bazil; serve with what Sauce you think proper. - It is also served cold, either whole or sliced; and in that cafe let it cool in the Braze. - You may also garnish like a cake with any sorts of Colours, according to fancy or taste. - A Leg of Mutton is also larded through and through, brazed, and served cold with all sorts of Sallading; and is then called en Salade.

Gigot De Mouton A La Madeleine, Leg Of Mutton, Madeleine Sauce

Braze a Leg of Mutton till thoroughly done; when half cold, put it on the Table-dish, and prepare a Batter with some good Cullis and Butter, two Yolks of Eggs, a few Capers, Anchovies, chopped Parsley, Shallots, Pepper and Salt; baste the Leg with half of this preparation, then strew it with a good deal of Bread Crumbs; baste it again, and sprinkle it with more Crumbs, then pour a sufficiency of melted Butter all over to soak the Bread Crumbs; put it into the oven to take colour, and let it be hot enough to form a kind of a crust; serve with the Sauce as above, which you will find in the Sauce articles.