Ecrevisses Au Court-bouillon, Crawfish, Plain Boiled

Boil them with half Wine and Water, or Vinegar instead of Wine, Salt, some sweet Herbs, half an Onion, or a whole one, according to the quantity; and if you would give them a particular taste, keep them in Milk and Parsley about ten hours alive; then boil as usual. - You may also put a spoonful of Ani seed in the liquor while they are boiling. - This last is the Dutch fashion, and it gives them a very agreeable taste when used with judgment and moderation; trim the small Claws or Fins, and lay them neatly on the Table-dish.

Ecrevisses A La Poulette, Ou A La Bechamel, Crawfish Fricassee, Or Bechamel Sauce

When boiled as the former, pick the Tails without separating them from the Bodies; trim the Fins off, and cut half of the large Claws off also; dress them as a Chicken Fricassee, with Mushrooms, etc. being prepared in the same manner. - They are also warmed in Bechamel Sauce without boiling; adding a little chopped Parsley.

Ecrevisses Farcies - Stuffed Craw-fish

Boil some large Crawfish as usual; strip off the Body-shells and the Fins under the Tails; make a little Farce with the remainder of a well-tailed Ragout; (the Salpicon is the best) fill them as large as if the Shells were on; rub this Farce over with Yolks of Eggs, sprinkle with Bread Crumbs, and fry them.-You may also bake them in the Oven; then use the Whites of Eggs to brush them over with; (a very mild Oven will do, or a Brazing-pan Cover as usual) and add a good Lemon Squeeze under when you are ready to serve.

Ecrevisses A La Flamande

Crawfish, Flemish Fashion, Boil them in Beer, with a good quantity of Butter, a faggot of sweet Herbs, coarse Pepper and Salt; boil on a smart Fire, and serve in the liquor with sprigs of Parsley taken out of the Faggot.

Ecrevisses D L'italienne - Crawfish, Italian Fashion

TheSE are boiled with all sorts of Seasoning, two spoonfuls of Oil, two glasses of white Wine, the Juice of a Lemon, half a clove of Garlick, Mush-rooms, and just Water sufficient to make liquor enough. This is calculated for a quarter of a hundred: Serve in their own Sauce.

Ecrevisses A L'intendante - Crawfish Intendant

Put some large Craw-fish into a Stew-pan, with a good bit of Butter, the Juice of a Lemon, chopped Truffles, Mushrooms, Parsley, Shallots, Pepper and Salt; simmer them on a slow Fire till they are done; let them cool, and thicken the Sauce with Flour and Yolks of Eggs sufficiently to be like a Farce: When it is cold, wrap the Crawfish in it each separately, lay them on the Table-dish, strew them with Bread Crumbs, and give them a good colour in the Oven: When you serve them, add a good Lemon Squeeze.

Ecrevisses Aux Trufes, Crawfish With Truffles

Boil the Crawfish simply, with Water, Salt, and Vinegar; when they are cold, pick the Tails, and pound the Bodies to make a Cullis, as directed for Crawfish Cullis; put a few Truffles into a Stew-pan cut into large slices, a quantity of Butter accordingly, a faggot of sweet Herbs, and a few spoonfuls of Con-sommee: When the Truffles are almost done, put in the Tails to simmer some time, till the Sauce is much reduced, with a little Pepper and Salt; take out the Faggot, and add the Cullis just long enough to warm together before you serve.